Zolango rules as world's first blockchain marketplace

Zolango is poised to attract the crypto community as the first marketplace powered by Bitcoin. The site allows to buy and sell products using Bitcoin. This news surfaced on 13 August.

Zolango started by conveying that it was the brainchild of a native who held the idea and the name implies “community” or “opportunity”. The marketplace firm further added that the site currently offered more than 1,000 items for sale. Such goods include sports equipment, office supplies, jewelry, freelancer services, fashion, electronic accessories, gift cards and books which are the popular options. 

Zolango cited on the development as – 

“Zolango sellers are charged just one percent commission to help keep prices low. eBay or Amazon by comparison charge monthly fees, referral fees and closing fees along with a percentage of the selling price – which averages around 15 percent – even before fulfillment and shipping costs are incurred. In addition, due to the blockchain, there are no credit card processing or bank fees with Zolango.”

Zolango further continued that all payments go through its escrow system so that buyers could shop safely. Consumers are also assured that their products would be delivered as described. Zolango sustained by adding that it does not compete with its own sellers. Zolango drew an analogy quoting Amazon, which has a line of products. Zolango maintained its commitment to keep seller data private.


Zolango maintained that it was the next phase in the crypto revolution. The firm pictured an economy where people both earn and spend in Bitcoin. Zolango added that its marketplace is providing the system an efficient launch-pad. The marketplace firm opined that there was a need to create an alternate economy where Bitcoin is the protocol. Zolango summarized that this was the asset around which the crypto economy would revolve.

Project Verte announced the beta rollout of its brand-first marketplace MyVerte. The MyVerte marketplace is built on the blockchain, launching with over 100 brands. Project Verte introduced itself as a comprehensive e-commerce solution for Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands. Project Verte conveyed that it was founded with a mission to help brands remain in full control of their brand identity.

Zolango wrapped up informing that buying and selling on the platform brings the crypto revolution closer to reality. The firm asserted that consumers need to use Bitcoin as a currency, which would enhance the value of the digital coin. Zolango expressed delight to lead the way to scale crypto commerce.