Zilliqa heralds sharding-based smart contract platform

Amrit Kumar, President, and Chief Scientific Officer, Zilliqa announced the launch of smart contracts on the Zilliqa platform. This development was on 10 June.

Amrit headlined that this offer marks a major step forward not just for Zilliqa, but for the entire blockchain infrastructure industry. Amrit noted that this launch enables developers to write and deploy smart contracts on the Zilliqa blockchain using the smart contract language Scilla. He clarified that with sharding as the cornerstone and talented personnel taking lead, they had realized their vision of a safe smart contract language.

Amrit while capturing salient aspects of smart contracts added –

“Smart contracts will help us further our footprint across a range of sectors — whether it is financial services, media and advertising, or gaming and entertainment. I eagerly look forward to witnessing how this technology unfolds, disrupts and evolves, and how we are able to build on it.”

Amrit opined that ever since the launch of mainnet six months ago, they were working hard to keep pushing and keep progressing. He ensured that this stance would not change, and has been the larger vision as they foresaw after the initial phase. Amrit further added that by keeping the community in mind, they endeavored to build a framework where everyone could benefit, and everyone would be profitable.


Amrit added about the core features of Zilliqa smart contracts. While being compatible with formal verification, the Scilla language comes with a host of analyzers that checks potential issues. Amrit clarified that the language is so designed that it supports clean separation and leaves no scope for complex interleaving. The standard libraries bundled with the language are exhaustive and require no third-party libraries.

In May, Zilliqa hired one of its most active community members, Mark Kamphuis, as Head of Brand and Marketing. Also knowledgeable about core technology, blockchain, and crypto, Mark brings a great combination of skills to this new role to support Zilliqa through its next phase of growth. Zilliqa vouched that this was a critical and timely addition to their growing team.

Amrit reiterated that the enabling of the smart contract functionalities on their blockchain was a critical step forward. He thanked the community for the support and spearheading Zilliqa project with enthusiasm over the last two years. Amrit looked forward to the Zilliqa Day celebrations when there would be discussions on accomplishments, and vision for the future.