Zcash does a rebranding

Josh Swihart, VP Marketing and Business Development at Zcash Company announced in his blog about changing the name from Zcash Company to Electric Coin Company. This was enacted for clarity.

Josh highlighted that the firm’s legal name has consistently been Zerocoin Electric Coin Company, LLC while always branding themselves the ‘Zcash Company’. He clarified vehemently that the company is not ‘Zcash’. Zcash is the cryptocurrency built and supported by the firm.

Josh further stated that they were not even Zcash Foundation. He shed light that the Zcash Foundation is a separate and independent nonprofit organization. It is autonomous with its mission, team, and board of directors.

Josh summarized the essence of the rebranding with a quote:

“So here we are: Electric Coin Company. It’ll take us a little while to get the new branding right, launch a new domain and change out the sign at the office, but the name change is public, so we wanted to make sure we were on record confirming it.”

Maintaining that the change is only nominal, Josh asserted that the team stays the same and would be committed to providing users the power of a cashless economy. Promoting Zcash would be their prime objective.

Rebranding only for clarity, commitment stays!

While answering the question regarding The Electric Coin Company would be solely focused on Zcash, Josh reverted in the positive that this would indeed be the mission. Josh mentioned an important aspect of research and engineering while conveying that this endeavor may or may not percolate into Zcash software.

Josh presented an informative overview of the tasks handled by The Electric Coin Company. Specifically, the company handles building Zcash software, participating in cryptographic research and a host of other activities while also securing the Zcash network.

Josh concluded in his blog mentioning about the changes as a result of the rebranding. The Electric Coin Company brand will be used for all messaging and correspondence with immediate effect. Other changes rolling out in the coming months include promoting the Electric Coin Company brand.

Josh concluded by saying that there would be a new online domain with a new website. The official company email addresses would change to reflect the new domain. Social media references for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter would be modified accordingly. Josh clarified to the platform’s users by calling out the change of name will not curtail their commitment.