Zabo fruitfully integrates with Hedera

Zabo, a platform that enables applications to connect users cryptocurrency wallets and blockchain accounts, announced on 16 September a connector for Hedera accounts.

Hedera commenced by informing that the development would also support HBAR, the native cryptocurrency of the Hedera network. The firm further added that the facility would allow any developer to easily connect Hedera accounts to their application in just a few lines of code. The integration would also allow real-time HBAR balances in any application. There would also be support for transaction history and provable wallet ownership.

Alex Treece, Zabo’s Founder and President cited – 

“As cryptocurrency and distributed ledger projects grow and gain adoption, we are working hard to make Zabo the go-to developer API for easily integrating cryptocurrency wallets into applications. We are thrilled to be working with Hedera as they arrive at Open Access (OA), to support the next generation of developers building financial services applications that couldn’t exist before. We are excited to help integrate Hedera accounts and add HBAR to a wide variety of use cases, including digital banking, financial tracking, investments and many others.”

Alex Godwin, Director of Business Development, EMEA at Hedera Hashgraph expressed that in order for distributed ledger technology to become common, it must be seamless to integrate into a wide variety of applications and platforms. He expressed enthusiasm that Zabo had created a connector for Hedera Hashgraph. Alex summarized that this would allow developers to quickly integrate Hedera accounts into their applications.

Zabo fruitfully integrates with Hedera

QuarkChain was leveraging Chainlink’s leading oracle technology to create a better smart contract development experience for enterprises and developers. QuarkChain informed that Chainlink had been developing blockchain oracles for many years. The sharding technology firm further added that Chainlink was notable for working with leading enterprise companies such as Google, Oracle and the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT).

Hedera wrapped up by informing about key industry assignments of Zabo. Zabo collects cryptocurrency wallets into a single API, saving companies and developers a significant amount of resources on development or maintenance of cryptocurrency products cum integrations. Hedera noted that developers could try Zabo for free and test their applications using Zabo’s developer sandbox.