WORBLI, StrongBlock to popularize DLT

World Blockchain Initiative (WORBLI) and StrongBlock have entered into a partnership to work on mutually beneficial distributed ledger projects. This development emerged on 03 September.

WORBLI started by informing that the joining of forces as part of an ongoing agreement to help promote the adoption of the WORBLI and other networks. WORBLI maintained that StrongBlock helps businesses configure, launch, manage, and scale custom quality blockchain solutions that would work with WORBLI. The firm added that as a compliance minded enterprise, WORBLI is based on EOSIO technology.

WORBLI shared some credentials by informing that it provides precision applications with a fast and compliant blockchain solution. WORBLI highlighted that with built-in anti-money laundering (AML) and other developer tools, WORBLI is at the peak of a fair financial system.

WORBLI further added on the development as –

“WORBLI is proud to enter into a relationship with StrongBlock, driven by former heads of block.one, in order to create approachable, viable and scalable solutions for everyday enterprise clients. The focus is to aid businesses who are looking to take advantage of some of the cost savings involved in launching their own customized networks.”

WORBLI further added that it offers a fast blockchain solution built to offer professional features for fintech applications. The firm sustained by adding that with built-in security features and various other developer tools, WORBLI was well-positioned. WORBLI asserted to provide fair and accessible financial systems of the future. WORBLI mentioned that its expertise would be helpful to StrongBlock’s enterprise clients.


Domenic Thomas, the WORBLI CEO, expressed his thoughts stating that StrongBlock’s focus on enterprise solutions was a natural fit for WORBLI. He added that having worked with David and Thomas on various EOS Main Net launch initiatives, he eagerly took the chance to participate in the partner program.

WORBLI, a compliance-focused blockchain partnered with blockchain industry leaders dfuse and EOS Canada, to integrate powerful tools to enhance the development process. WORBLI conveyed in the report that after the recent announcement of a 3.5 million U.S. dollars in seed financing, dfuse continued to expand its offerings. WORBLI was looking forward to reaching out to the most promising blockchain networks such as the EOS mainnet and soon Ethereum. 

WORBLI finally added that along with StrongBlock, they had come together to share resources and information. This was in a bid to accelerate the adoption of Distributed Ledger Technology by enterprise businesses. WORBLI emphasized that the partnership lays the foundation for exciting projects in the future.