WORBLI partners With EOS Canada to scale WORBLI Network

WORBLI, a compliance-focused blockchain has partnered with blockchain industry leaders dfuse and EOS Canada, to integrate powerful tools to enhance the development process. This development was on 25 July.

WORBLI conveyed in the report that after the recent announcement of a 3.5 million U.S. dollars in seed financing, dfuse continued to expand its offerings. WORBLI was looking forward to reaching out to the most promising blockchain networks such as the EOS mainnet and soon Ethereum. WORBLI further added that dfuse enabled developers to build applications on its platform and utilize their suite of cutting-edge tools. 

CEO of WORBLI, Domenic Thomas expressed – 

“WORBLI is focused on reducing the friction between users and blockchain technology. We want blockchain to be more accessible for everyone, but it starts with developers. All of the tools dfuse brings to the table will reduce development time substantially while improving and expanding the options available to developers.”

WORBLI further threw light on some technical details of dfuse. The blockchain platform informed that dfuse offered unique capabilities to applications, which power a number of products. These products include dfuse Stream and dfuse Search. These innovative products allow the streaming of real-time network updates. WORBLI specifically emphasized the dfuse Lifecycle that can provide an instant transaction settlement feature.

WORBLI was looking forward to reach out to the most promising blockchain networks such as the EOS mainnet and soon Ethereum.

WORBLI shifted focus informing EOS Canada would bring other tools, applications, and relationships to WORBLI. The firm indicated that the EOS Canada team placed a strong emphasis on technology, development, and education. WORBLI upheld the prowess of EOS Canada comprising of a large group and bringing decades of knowledge. WORBLI summarized that by being well equipped, EOS Canada was well suited to work in unison.

WORBLI made news recently by powering EDNA. EDNA seeks to empower the people, using IPFS, smart contracts, and blockchain technology to allow users to submit and monetize their DNA data. EDNA believed that the individual DNA data market is heavily beset with unfairness, that could be greatly improved with the implementation of a distributed system like blockchain.

Marc-Antoine Ross, Co-Founder, and CEO of dfuse expressed enthusiasm to work with the developers of the WORBLI projects. Ross recommended to reach out while working together to ensure the users have the greatest experience. WORBLI summarized by noting itself as a well-positioned premier blockchain platform. With the harmony of partnership, the entities would be striving to enhance the distributed ledger space to bring inclusion, fairness, and accessibility.