Wollo, a family-focused token, lists on Liquid

Liquid, a global cryptocurrency platform announced on 28 June about listing Wollo (WLO), a Stellar-based token.

Liquid conveyed that WLO was poised to become a go-to token for 400 million families around the world. Such an offering would be targeted towards educational software and family finance tools. Liquid informed that the first product to incorporate WLO would be Pigzbe, one of the first consumer blockchain applications. Pigzbe is an application aimed largely towards children. Liquid informed that listing Pigzbe on its platform would mark the worldwide rollout.

Filippo Yacob, CEO, and co-founder of Pigzbe cited – 

“Most exciting to us is the partnership with Liquid for our JFSA application. We know that financial education in a global and digital context is of huge importance to the Japanese government, and we look forward to jointly supporting Japan in their mission. We’re also incredibly excited about listing Wollo on Liquid. We only list on exchanges where there is a shared vision and ethos, and that’s definitely the case with Liquid. Liquid is one of the largest, most secure and most reputable exchanges globally. It offers best-in-class security and, importantly, is leading the way with a no tolerance policy on wash trading.”

Mike Kayamori, CEO and co-founder of Liquid expressed positive tone to list Wollo on Liquid. Mike noted Pigzbe’s potential to be a viable product. He also noted on Pigzbe’s caliber to fetch user adoption. Mike noted that Pigzbe has a genuine use case with the power to connect with millions of people around the world.

Liquid conveyed that WLO was poised to become a go-to token for 400 million families around the world.

Liquid wrapped up by conveying key industry engagements about Pigzbe and itself. London-based Pigzbe is an educational technology startup. Pigzbe prides itself to house an award-winning team of designers, thinkers who had delivered products and services to a multitude of people around the world. The team comprises of elite members from reputed companies like Apple and NASA. Pigzbe’s aim is to empower children with financial know-how.

Liquid is a global fintech company that operates a global cryptocurrency platform. Liquid provides trading, exchange, and novel financial services powered by blockchain technology. Liquid has offices spread across Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, and the US. Liquid prides itself with its extensive knowledge in banking and financial products.

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