Veteran indie game developer joins FLETA to spur blockchain games

Parker Park, a Korean independent game developer joined the FLETA as the new CTO of the team. Park would be leading all game-planning projects. This news was on 10 July.

FLETA conveyed that Parker Park was famous for his games like Donquixote Online and Nekopocha. FLETA added that it would leverage Park’s two decades of experience as an independent game developer. Park’s roles have spanned from game planning to game development. With Park onboard, FLETA would look forward to developing and launch their own blockchain games.

Parker Park echoed his thoughts as  –

“Mobile game industry did not receive much attention at the early stage of mobile gaming industry. But after one mobile game hit overall gaming industry, the mobile gaming market has grown remarkably forming a big market as it is today. I think the same thing will happen in the blockchain game market; a single successful game will be a game-changer. I believe FLETA’s technology will create ‘the one’.”

FLETA touched upon some professional details of Parker Park. The indie game developer is well-known in the Korean game scene. Beginning with game development almost two decades ago, Park has built on his expertise as a standalone developer. FLETA further added that Park engages in end-to-end game development. FLETA emphasized that in the Korean computer/mobile game community, Park’s games were commended for high quality.

FLETA clarified that after launching their own blockchain game last year, it had accelerated on creating game-related use cases.

FLETA highlighted the potential of using blockchain for video games. The technological advantages of using decentralized technologies are multifold. FLETA clarified that after launching their own blockchain game last year, it had accelerated on creating game-related use cases. FLETA indicated that with Park’s role to create high-quality games, great synergies would blossom while also making the best use of FLETA’s prowess.

Recently, there were reports that Bitsonic, a crypto exchange based in South Korea, has joined the FLETA’s Validator network. FLETA conveyed that the validator of its blockchain would be an operator of Hyper Formulator, a high-performance mining node of FLETA. FLETA added that validators play an important role in FLETA blockchain. Validators would enhance the credibility and stability of FLETA blockchain.

Paul Park, CEO of FLETA expressed the pivotal role of Parker Park. He opined that by using Park’s expertise, FLETA would be able to focus on developing blockchain games well recognized in the industry. Such media could potentially lead the scene and rule the market. Paul summarized that FLETA’s new blockchain game would be a significant step to enhance blockchain commercialization.