Vectorium scales with efficient milestones

Vectorium, a “double coins project” announced that it has reached its soft cap. This development was reported on 13 August.

Vectorium recalled that since the inception of blockchain, the trend in digital trading had changed drastically. Such innovations had given rise to other technological developments also. Vectorium noted that it was created with the aim of providing a digital way to share and stock electricity manufactured from renewable sources. Vectorium indicated its goal to foster a green environment through its endeavors.

Vectorium maintained that in the passage of time, waste management had been a huge issue. The project emphasized that almost every industry had to tackle the problem. Vectorium clarified that many aspects continued to suffer from impediment worldwide. The project offered a solution expressing to provide an advanced solution by offering an opportunity to transform garbage into value through their blockchain.

Vectorium elaborated on its innovation as – 

“The model also utilizes blockchain technology to monitor waste-to-energy plants. While this is taking place, a transaction is made in the vectorium blockchain as a record of the passage of electricity. This transaction is only possible through the issue of a Coin, as an Internal Technological Instrument. The coins then end up in the wallet of the incinerator in storage. They can also be converted back into energy or sold for Recovery Expenses.”

Vectorium made mention of its team to acknowledge the major strides achieved. The double coins project noted that the team was filled with personnel with a history in technology, software management, blockchain technologies, and methodologies. Vectorium, however, drew a distinction that the brains behind the idea were Enea Benedetto, CEO, and Founder. Enea holds a long history in finance and technology.


NewX Energy shared news about its aims to create a tokenized economy that transforms traditional electricity plants into a multi-service provider. NewX Energy conveyed that such a provider can support smart homes, as well as provide financial and other services to smart cities. NewX Energy shared insight into the diversity of offerings with plans to provide services ranging from banking and shopping, as well as build a smart city ecosystem.

Vectorium concluded by noting that with such benefits attached to their blockchain, it was no surprise that more investors were willing to participate. Vectorium shared numbers that they had reached their soft cap of 1,502,500 U.S. dollars. Vectorium expressed celebration on this victory by leaving a message on their website.