UK entrepreneur rakes in huge profits making cryptocurrency mining hardware

A 28-year-old cryptocurrency businessman from the UK has managed to turn 1,000 British Pounds into over 1 million British Pounds in a matter of just one and half years. Josh Riddett, of Bury, Greater Manchester, has found success manufacturing specialized digital coin mining hardware.

Riddett’s company, Easy Crypto Hunter, has expanded from the sale of a single unit, with profits iterated and reinvested, into the UK’s largest GPU mining hardware manufacturer. The firm also gives educational sessions on cryptocurrency as well as providing accountancy services for investors and traders.

Besides, the firm specializes in assembling GPU mining rigs, which are designed to secure the networks of various Altcoins such as Ethereum, Monero, and Dogecoin. From its humble beginnings, Easy Crypto Hunter today has more than 100 customers.

The list of happy customers includes business owners, property companies and retirees. They look forward to making a side income by leveraging GPU hardware and validating transactions on the blockchain they are interested in.

Riddett reported to Prolific North about his company and the future of cryptocurrency. He said,

“We are absolutely delighted to see the business take off and I strongly believe cryptocurrency is here to stay and is set to become more popular and more mainstream as the likes of BMW, Microsoft and Expedia accept it as a form of payment.”

The dynamic marketer went on to state that he was confident that cryptocurrency is already causing massive changes to the payments and banking industry. In his own words: “Cryptocurrency is the future.”

UK businessman builds almost a thousand fold profit with his GPU mining company. Sets an example for other ventures.

Riddett’s success was recognized and celebrated last month at a local awards presentation. At the Made in Bury Business Awards 2018 event, Easy Crypto Hunter won the prize for Technology Business of the Year.

Josh Riddett floated Easy Crypto Hunter in late 2017. He had just graduated from Lancaster University where he had studied business entrepreneurship management.

His choice, of course, was beneficial to him since he has managed to make a grand success of his first venture into the world of business. He has achieved this despite the prevailing market conditions.

Such great business moves no doubt stir the crypto space to a stable equilibrium. Considering that Josh even plans to scale his workforce, there is a win-win situation for common people and the crypto community at large.