TurboPlay reigns through a blockchain breakthrough

TurboPlay announced on 12 August, a significant breakthrough for the greater technology community confirming the ability to provide Stellar transaction signing directly from Elixir.

TurboPlay introduced itself as the world’s first personalized video games marketplace and highlighted that the development solves a long-standing problem. TurboPlay indicated that its software development kit (SDK) had been released on Github. The SDK includes an XDR generator, to be kept fully open-source under the MIT License. TurboPlay emphasized that both Stellar and Elixir communities had acknowledged this tremendous contribution.

Vince McMullin, Co-Founder, President, and CEO of TurboPlay cited – 

“Combining the power and scalability of Elixir & Stellar was a no-brainer for me. When I realized the Stellar community hadn’t completed XDR signing of transactions I knew we had to do it! I’m very proud of our ecommerce team Jibe for working on this with us. Now we can scale and process payment transactions on Stellar without any intermediates slowing us down. I’d also like to thank NBIF and our angels for their financial support, which has afforded us the time necessary to complete this technological breakthrough, directly ahead of our Beta Launch.”

TurboPlay further added that it was led by a world-class development team with a proven track record. The video gaming firm highlighted itself to delivering superior technologies. TurboPlay opined that the breakthrough was necessary for developing enterprise-grade, highly scalable, fully fault-tolerant technology. Such innovation has applications in many industries such as fintech, e-commerce, supply chain management, and video games.


BlockLords announced that was ready to take its next step in blockchain gaming by partnering up with TRON Arcade, the renowned game publishing wing of the TRON network. BlockLords added that post the development over three months ago, the medieval grand strategy game has been played innumerable times and good players duly rewarded TRON (TRX) tokens.

TurboPlay reiterated that it is the world’s most rewarding, personalized video games marketplace. TurboPlay noted that it was led by a talented team of video game industry leaders with vast experience. TurboPlay clarified that built in collaboration with the agency JIBE, it successfully harmonizes technology and ideas. TurboPlay shared figures that it had garnered a library of over 130 high-quality indie titles, over 40 developers and 5 publishers.