Tron Arcade swells with BlockLords game

BlockLords announced that was ready to take its next step in blockchain gaming by partnering up with TRON Arcade, the renowned game publishing wing of the TRON network. This development was on 15 July.

BlockLords introduced Arctic Seascape as its developer, now being launched on the TRON mainnet. BlockLords added that post the development over three months ago, the medieval grand strategy game has been played innumerable times and good players duly rewarded TRON (TRX) tokens. BlockLords further added on a positive note that this partnership with TRON Arcade would build cooperation fields like promotion and technical development.

Arctic Seascape CEO, David Johansson noted – 

“We wouldn’t have been able to launch BLOCKLORDS if it hadn’t been for TRON’s generous support during their accelerator program earlier this year, and we couldn’t be more pleased to be entering into a partnership with them now. It is still very early in the cycle of blockchain games, and the most dedicated teams have a real chance to set the standard for what the industry will evolve into. Developing BLOCKLORDS has taught us a lot about the benefits and limitations of smart contract games, and we are looking forward to pushing the limits and delivering more complex systems and gameplay features as the game keeps growing. We would also like to thank our early players whose support and feedback have helped us improve the game significantly!”

BlockLords conveyed insight into the prowess of TRON Arcade. TRON Arcade is dedicated to empowering players by funding and publishing high-quality games in the blockchain space. TRON Arcade has published titles which have become some of the highest-grossing decentralized applications across all blockchains. According to metrics, activity on TRON’s decentralized applications had outpaced others, placing the TRON network as the top choice.

Good players are rewarded TRON (TRX) tokens

Last month, BlockLords conveyed another surprise by launching on NEO mainnet. BlockLords invited their dedicated followers to experience the first strategy game on the NEO blockchain and looked forward to building the future of blockchain games together.

BlockLords concluded by sharing thoughts about TRON and TRON Arcade. TRON is dedicated to creating a free decentralized internet that drives innovation across verticals. TRON strives to return privacy and ownership to the people. TRON Arcade is TRON’s blockchain game fund with 100 million U.S. dollars to be invested over the next three years. The goal of the fund is to build the foundation for a great blockchain game infrastructure by empowering developers to create novel gaming experiences.