Top Backpage Alternatives Websites in 2020 as per the Recent Research

Backpage was once a famous website where it was used to create posts and sell items, find a roommate, participate in forums, listing upcoming events, or post job openings.

Did you know that the sex ad that was posted on earned around $3.1 million in just a week? 

The great advertising platforms collapsed after it was shut for charges of money laundering and abiding with prostitution.

Now, the popular website is forever tainted, so probably you need to look for a backpage replacement. You are in the right place if you want to find a new backpage to get on with things.


What is Backpage? What are The Things Available on These Websites? 

Backpage is the world’s biggest company with sites in 431 U.S. cities with more sites available worldwide also. According to the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, it posts one million sexual ads a day.

backpage websites

It is considered the Walmart of sex trafficking and prostitution. Backpage was first launched in 2001 by none other than New Times Media; it is one of the second largest classified online ad sites in the United States.

Now, the backpage has been shut down after the CEO, Carl Ferrer, pleaded guilty and agreed that advertisements on facilitating prostitution were done.  

This website included the section found in the newspapers including adult services, musicians and of course new-age services. 


How Useful was This Site and Why People are Not Able to Find the Backpage Website Now?

On one the one hand, the Canadian authorities claimed the backpage helped them to track and serac for potential victims, monitoring prostitution and missing women. 

But on the other hand, the law enforcement made the whole shut down following the allegations of trafficking


Which are the Best Backpage Alternative Websites Available as of 2020?

Backpage was once a popular place for listing services; later the United States department shut it down for the reason that it encouraged prostitution and trafficking.

With that being said, it created the need for having the best backpage alternatives websites in 2020, let’s look at them. 

backpage alternatives websites


1. Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the famous platforms which works as a popular local sales channel. It has separate communities devoted to jobs, personals, housing, services, and many more.

The listings which are free of charge can be renewed within 48 hours. It’s a great solution for local businesses. Buying items and selling them is very much safer. Craigslist has removed all the personal ads.

It was initiated in 1995 by Craig Newmark, and initially, it was started as a local classified ad website.  Later it expanded its usage, enabling the users to barter sale, jobs, personal ads, and also for freelance works.

It supports Web, iOS, and Android platforms. The prices on this website are free, but some services in the market may not be free.


2. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is a great tool for brand marketing, targeting the right audience in selling and buying the products. It’s a platform where it’s very much easier to capitalize on the interactions happening on Facebook. 

backpage alternatives

Once you list yourself on the marketplace, you can easily reach the buyers. The items which can be traded are in the following categories-

  • Classifieds
  • Hobbies
  • Vehicles
  • Clothing and Accessories
  • Electronics 

Searching for a particular product is made much simpler here. It’s an excellent opportunity as  Facebook Marketplace; the backpage alternative is partnered with BigCommerce, Shipstation, Quibt, ChannelAdvisor.But it supports only the Web version.

Although to make you feel the backpage replacement it has a dedicated website for dating as well.


3. Bedpage

Bedpage is one of the alternatives of backpage websites; it is the best ad posting website for backpage replacement, which has all the features. It also has immense features missing from the backpage as well.

backpage replacement

It’s the most popular in the US, Canada, Europe, and some countries across the middle east. If you want to post an ad on the Bedpage, it charges $2 fee per ad. Special features like ‘Auto Re-post Ad’ and ‘Sponsored Ad’ with their own pricing models.

This site is one of the genuine sites which is safe from scammers. It has a unique feature in which ads can automatically renew.


4. ClassifiedAds

ClassifiedAds is one of the best platforms for creating sales and advertisement posts. Most of the users are from the US, and it is available across the world. Posting free ads at any time can be done by just clicking the “Post an Ad” link.

backpage websites

If the posted ad is going to expire, then before three days when it’s due expiring, a ‘renew’ button will appear. ClassifiedAds features a special category called ‘personals’ which also works like an online dating portal.

The site has workflow automation to make communication easier between traders (buyers and sellers). It’s used for adult services too.

5. Channels

Channels is a unique platform that uses geotags to find bars, date nights, jobs, restaurants, etc. The navigation is even more simplified by simple tag-based search tools as well. 

new backpage

User’s privacy is a priority in this site, and you can contribute anonymously as well without having to use a username or password for that matter. It supports both Android and iOS platforms and is available for free.

It doesn’t allow sponsored posts and bot posts. The pricing structure is completely free.

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Why do Most People Still Search For The Replacement of Backpage Websites?

People still search for backpage websites because, with the backpage, it was simpler to find a dating partner, romantic relationships, or for sex. It made waiting for someone at coffee shops, bars look time-consuming and effortless with its magnificent solutions.

backpage alternatives websites

One of the most terrific reasons for using backpage replacements is that the original platform is no longer accessible as it is shut down.  Now there are hundreds of those alternatives to choose from.


What are the Pros and Cons of Sites Like This? Is it Safe to use Backpage Alternative Sites or Not?

Backpage alternative websites have become so popular that there are a diverse set of users and some of the sites even have surveys to optimize your usage. Since the major shut down of the backpage website, thousands of escorts and massage therapists lost their way of finding clients.

backpage replacement


Hence, a large number of backpage alternatives have been springing up in which some are reliable while some are not. Let’s see some of the pros and Cons of these websites overall-



Very good to search for products by price and location. Some cities might not have enough traffic.
Considerably cheap and free to post ads. Some of the providers will not be verified.
Excellent support No accompanying websites.
Has Workflow automation. Most of the user base is limited to the US.
Uses Geotags for filtering. Ad postings might not be free in some sites.


What Kind of Security Measures do Sites like Backpage Follow?

Backpage alternatives websites have strived to take measures to keep the members of the community safe. And the security details are good to prevent illegal activities. Let’s see some of the rules here-

backpage websites

  • Every image will be reviewed for compliance and content policies.
  • Keyword searches will be conducted to identify inappropriate content.
  • CAPTCHAs have been added.
  • Two Tier system to moderate content qualities.
  • Users who try to edit ads after review will be blocked.
  • Content standards have been made strict.


What is Our Suggestion on Backpage alternatives?

Backpage was once a destination for all classified ads selling stuff like mobiles, gaming consoles and the like. Also, it became famous for adult ads, which assisted people in hanging out and finding romantic partners. 

The backpage website is completely seized by the FBI even it’s affiliated sites. So just choose an alternative backpage website from above for posting personal ads.


All in All

After losing the most important classified services years back with its ban, people started relying on backpage replacement sites as an alternative. I have listed 5 best alternative websites for your reference on a similar one to backpage. 



1. Who owns

Backpage was once started by Village Voice Media. Carl Ferrer is the founder of Backpage, and he remained as the CEO of the company. But the FBI shut down the backpage after finding out the inappropriate personal ads.

2. Who shut down the backpage?

It was shut down by US authorities. The FBI seized its operation on the basis of sex marketplace websites.  

3. What’s the next best thing to backpage?

Craiglist is one of the top sites similar to the backpage website with multiple attractive features. It is one of the biggest replacements since 2019. 

4. What is backpage human trafficking?

Backpage indeed facilitated prostitution by allowing to post ads and was found guilty of the charges. 

5. How to advertise services on craigslist?

Services ads are welcomed only if it’s housed in categories. If it’s outside of “service offered” then it will be removed. Craigslist postings are entirely free except for job postings in the U.S. and C.A. areas.


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