TokenSoft heralds security token support

TokenSoft, a leading security token compliance and security platform backed by Coinbase, announced the launch of its security token administrative panel. This news emerged on 10 September.

TokenSoft started by informing that the development was mainly built for US Transfer Agents. TokenSoft clarified that its clients would be able to select or partner with a Transfer Agent of their choice to issue and deploy their security tokens. TokenSoft maintained that by using their platform, Knox Wallet and security token standards, agents would be able to maintain cum administer security tokens.

Mason Borda, CEO of TokenSoft expressed – 

“Since 2017, ensuring our clients can easily comply with securities laws has been our number one priority and that’s why today we’re announcing official support and a full set of features for SEC-registered Transfer Agents and their issuing clients.”

TokenSoft headlined that it looks forward to enabling transfer agents to work with blockchain-enabled issuers of securities. TokenSoft conveyed on the different approaches that it has considered. In the transfer agent-first approach, by using the platform, transfer agents can service issuers without giving up control. TokenSoft commented on its security-first approach noting that they were the first to introduce cold storage.


TokenSoft sustained by adding on the features that its platform would enable transfer agents to do. The platform enables agents to authorize transfers of a security token between two approved parties while also providing the tools necessary to correct any errors that may appear on the blockchain. TokenSoft summarized by adding that it also allows agents to perform real-time monitoring.

TokenMarket, the investment platform powered by blockchain announced launching it’s Security Token Offering (STO). TokenMarket headlined that this was one of the first UK retail offerings of tokenized equity which could be leveraged by investors to buy equity tokens at nominal prices. TokenMarket indicated that post the fundraiser, it would set itself apart from the frontiers of Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a fully regulated investment platform.

TokenSoft conveyed on its key credentials informing that it offers institutional-grade compliance solutions for blockchain-based securities. TokenSoft further added that it helps clients launch and manage asset-backed tokens on the blockchain. The firm noted that its features would execute in a compliant and secure manner. TokenSoft finally added that its technology solutions cover the entire cycle of a digital asset.