If you are someone who regularly needs to monitor and deal with cryptocurrency, an excellent mobile wallet or wallet application is indispensable. In this article, we have focused on Toast Wallet, a mobile wallet meant exclusively for Ripple XRP. Before you decide to install Toast Wallet, here are the things you need to know:

  • What is Toast Wallet?
  • Is Toast Wallet safe for use?
  • How to Use Toast Wallet?

All these questions and more will be answered below with our detailed Toast Wallet review. But first, let us take a look at what is a digital wallet.


A digital wallet is a software that can be used to make and keep track of electronic transactions. They can be used to authenticate the identity of an individual as well.  In the context of cryptocurrency, a digital wallet is one which is used to store private and public keys of an individual as well as interact with other users of the blockchain. This, in turn, can help in keeping track of the crypto balance.

digital wallet

Unlike physical wallets, digital wallets do not store cryptocurrency. Rather, a secure digital code called the private key is stored in a cryptocurrency wallet. This authenticates your identity as well as your public key (also stored in the wallet) whenever you make any transactions using the wallet. Both the keys are essential to send and receive coins and thus keep a record of transactions.  

Your wallet will have a unique receiver’s address that is to be used by anyone to send you funds over the network. Many cryptocurrencies have their official wallets that are the safest to use. An example of this is the official GUI Monero wallet and the Bitcoin Core Wallet for BTC.

There are also a number of third-party digital wallets that could hold a single currency or multiple different currencies. Some great third-party digital wallets are Trezor and Nano S (hardware wallets) and Coinomi and Edge (mobile wallets).  With the launch and increasing market cap of the Ripple XRP currency since 2012, a robust digital wallet for Ripple currency was needed. This need was fulfilled by the Toast Wallet introduced in 2017.

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Toast Wallet claims to be a free, open-source Ripple XRP wallet that can be run on many different operating systems such as Android and iOS for mobile in addition to Windows, Mac OSX and Linux on a desktop.


The Toast Wallet is best known for its simple interface. It supports Ripple XRP and no other currency. It is not affiliated to any online exchanges and does not share any updates on social media. 

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Although Toast wallet is free from non-essential attributes, it does have some fundamental characteristics that set it apart from other digital wallets.FEATURES AND REQUIREMENTS OF THE TOAST WALLET

  • Security

Toast Wallet is made secure by using a combination of a PIN and a passphrase. These are strongly encrypted and stored in your device using PouchDB.

Note: PouchDB is an open-source JavaScript database that enables data to be stored locally when offline so that it can be synced when the device is online again. This keeps the user’s data up to date whether the device is online or offline.

Another feature for added security is the recovery phrase. You can reset your PIN using the recovery phrase and continue using your account as normal.  You do need to store your PIN, passphrase and recovery phrase in a safe offline location. You could note them down or store them in a hardware wallet or a protected USB device.

Note: There is no way to recover your funds or account if you lose your passphrase, PIN and recovery phase.

You can access information about the working of the Toast Wallet on their official website.

  • Backup

You can export a backup of the Toast wallet into a different wallet. This is done by importing the Ripple secret and passphrase. You do need to make a backup of the toast wallet from the settings menu after generating addresses so you can use it later. You can also import the backup from a different wallet into the Toast Wallet using Add AccountAdd Existing Account.

Syncing Toast Wallet on Two Devices: By generating a backup code from one device using Settings→Backup, you can restore the backup on a new device by copying the existing wallet option (from the License screen) and pasting it on to the next screen.

Backup Checker: Toast Wallet has a specialized tool to get the backup code working. This can be used if you have printed and scanned a Toast Wallet backup code.

  • Minimum XRP Reserve

As with other Ripple wallets, you need to maintain a minimum balance of 20 XRP in your Toast wallet. You also have to keep a reserve of 5 XRP for each trust line or object in your account. This is implemented by Ripple to prevent spammers from pushing fake transactions in the Ripple network.

This 20 XRP reserve may be lowered in the future, and Ripple validators can free these funds. Until then, it is locked. Other than this, Toast wallet is completely free to use. You will not be charged any fees to make any withdrawals or deposits in your wallet.

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  • Customer Support

The customer service, in case of the Toast Wallet, has been commendable. You can reach customer support by using email on, phone, online ticket as well as social media such as Facebook and Twitter. You can even contact them via Discord which is a voice and text chat app. You can use to join the Toast Wallet Discord.


Toast wallet is one of the safest ways to carry out Ripple transactions.


  • Open-Source

Toast Wallet is open-source software.

Being open-source, the original source code for Toast Wallet is available freely for public view via their official website on Github. This means it has lesser bugs and weaknesses since it can be verified by anyone for spyware, backdoors and other malware.

  • No Online Data Exchanges

Other than the Ripple Network, the Toast Wallet does not communicate with any other online entities. It does not store backups of the data on the company’s servers. Since it is not an online wallet, there is no way that hackers can come into contact with your information or funds.

No Online Data Exchanges

  • Multiple Levels of Security

Your wallet is kept secure by using a passphrase and a PIN. Further, you need to select a recovery phrase in case you lose both the PIN and the passphrase. Thus, you can be sure your account is well protected from outsiders.

Moreover, Toast Wallet is free, easy-to-use and supports a large number of devices. You can download the mobile versions (Android/iOS) or the desktop versions (Windows/Linux/Mac OS X). Its simple interface and lack of clutter have made it a popular choice to be used to carry out XRP dealings.

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The Toast Wallet can be installed on both desktops and mobile phones. However, the desktop version is similar to the mobile version in its user interface.

To install the Toast Wallet, you have to follow these steps.

  1. Download the Toast Wallet version according to your operating system from the Toast Wallet website. It is also available on the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS devices.
  2. The license agreement will pop up on finishing the download. Click on Create a New Wallet.
  3. You will then be prompted to set a 6-digit PIN.
  4. Next, you will be prompted to enter a passphrase. It should be long and strong since it is used to encrypt your wallet.
  5. You also need to set a recovery phrase made up of 6 words. It is necessary that you write down this recovery phrase since this will be used to recover your account should you lose both the PIN and the passphrase.

Note: You can then donate to Toast Wallet if you so wish on the next screen or click on Not Right Now.

  1. Once you are finished with these preliminary steps, you will be taken to the home screen where you can add an account.

To set up a Ripple address on the Toast Wallet, the steps are.

  1. On the Home Screen, click on Add Account.
  2. Here, you can click on either Generate New Address or Add Existing Address if you already have a Ripple wallet address.
  3. When you click on Generate New Address, the following fields are seen:

Generate Account Address: This is the address which you can use to send Ripple to from any exchange or wallet.

Account Nickname: This is an optional field to be used for

Enter Your Passphrase: You need to enter your passphrase for a Ripple Address to be created.

  1. Finally, click on Import to create the address.

To activate the account, Toast Wallet recommends you send a small amount of XRP, 21 XRP is good, to your Toast Wallet address. You should also send back 1 XRP back to the exchange to make sure you are satisfied with its working. If you send lesser than 20 XRP, the payment will bounce and be returned to the sender’s address.

To transfer XRP into the wallet from an exchange or wallet,

  1. Click on your wallet address on the home screen.
  2. Copy the Ripple address displayed.
  3. Paste this address in the address field of the wallet or exchange you are using to send XRP to the Toast Wallet.

Note: If there is a field for destination tag, you can enter it as 0 since you are sending XRP to your personal Toast Wallet.

To send XRP out of Toast wallet and into an exchange or wallet,

  1. Click on the Send screen.
  2. Here, you can see the following fields:

From Account: This is your Ripple address as generated by the Toast Wallet.

To Address: Here, you need to enter the Ripple address of the receiver to whom the XRP needs to be sent.

Destination Tag: This is an optional field when using a personal wallet, but many exchanged require you to enter the destination tag depending on the exchange.

Invoice ID: This also is an optional field and will depend on the recipient.

Amount: Enter the amount of XRP you want to send to the recipient.

  1. Click on Pay to transfer the amount.

Note: As mentioned above, you need to leave a reserve of 20 XRP in your Toast wallet according to Ripple regulations. You will be charged a fee even for failed transactions depending on the network congestion.

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A wallet application is like any regular application on your iOS or Android device that can be used to keep store your private and public keys as well as carry out transactions of your cryptocurrency.

Like other cryptocurrency technologies, web wallets have associated pros and cons.


  • Convenience: With your digital wallet on your phone, it is easy to access your crypto regardless of place and time. You can use it at a physical retail store with ease. You can even the Near Field Communication on your phone to tap and pay for services instead of
  • Easy Transactions: Web wallets have the feature of scanning a QR code to send or receive payments. Scanning isn’t possible with a desktop wallet.


  • Prone to Hacking: As with web wallets on desktops, mobile wallets are also susceptible to attacks by hackers. Unless they are offline wallets, like the Toast Wallet, you can always be attacked by someone on the internet who can gain access to your private and public keys and thus steal all your crypto.
  • Loss of Device: It is also a common occurrence to lose your phone and thus lose all access to your funds if someone gets your private keys. You should always choose a wallet that is protected by a PIN or password, so your coins remain intact even if you lose your device.

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In a nutshell, Toast wallet can be reviewed as:

  • The Toast Wallet is seen as being one of the best Ripple wallets and is a trusted means of securely storing your XRP tokens.
  • A minimum reserve of 20 XRP is required to activate your wallet. The amount will not be refunded for as long as the Ripple network requires this reserve.
  • It is a free XRP wallet.
  • Make sure to keep your passphrase and recovery phrase safe, and create a backup of your wallet. The backup is required in case you lose the device that Toast is on, for example, if you are using the iOS app and lose your phone. Wallet data is not shared with the server.
  • The code is open source which helps developers to verify the quality of the code.
  • It can be used on a number of different platforms and is a great solution if you want a Ripple desktop wallet.


Toast Wallet has all the makings of a brilliant XRP exclusive crypto wallet.  

It has a simple, easy-to-use interface that can work on any platform you so desire. You can access it on the go with your mobile device as well. It is a safe and secure application that keeps your private and public keys away from any external networks. Further, your information is protected by a PIN, a passphrase, and a recovery passphrase if you forget the first two. It is completely free to boot.

Because of its simplicity and sleek design, Toast Wallet is definitely recommended for all XRP related purposes.