5 Things You Must Know About Thermometer App in 2020

The thermometer has been one of the greatest inventions in the world as it provides the most accurate way to measure and monitor the person’s illness. Hence, checking your body’s temperature is an easy way to see the indication of the fever.

Instead of using any kind of thermometers manually, did you know that you can install one on your phone? Yes, you heard me, right! Now let’s see how your body and room temperature can be easily measured using various thermometer apps.


What is Thermometer? Why Do People Need it?

The thermometer is an amazing invention that measures temperature, also measuring the temperature of solid food, liquids, and gaseous materials such as air. 


The thermometer uses three measures for temperatures, such as Celsius, kelvin, and Fahrenheit. Countries like The United States, Burma, and Liberia do not use the Celsius scale; rather, they use Fahrenheit to measure the heat.


Why do people need it?

Keeping track of body temperature and measuring them is a vital thing to do. It gives the highest reliability on the condition our body is going through from your heart, brain, and organs.


Is There Really a Thermometer App or Not? If Yes, How to Use The Thermometer App? Is it Safe to Use? 

Yes, there are thermometer apps, and people have reacted positively as your smartphone turns it into a thermometer instantly. It’s able to read the temperature in the environment and track its rise and fall.

How to use the thermometer app? 

how to use thermometer

The app can read the body temperature by sensing the body heat and gives out a reading significantly with ultra-high sensitivity. 

Yes, there is a thermometer app with a highly sensitive sensor inside them. It can tell you the exact air temperature. 


On What Technology it has Been Made? How Does it Measure the Temperature? Best Thermometer Apps You Must Know.

thermometer app

Smartphones have multiple thermosensors in them to measure the temperature of the battery and chips internally. So, these apps are employed with ultra-sensitivity sensors that instantly reacts to the changes in the environment with its rise and fall.

Now, let’s look at some of the popular thermometer apps for iOS and Android users and how it can measure your temperature.


1. iThermonitor

iThermonitor app is a popular thermometer app for iOS and Android users. It provides professional data analysis quickly related to your body temperature for using it on parents and grandparents. 


It’s nicknamed to be a personal doctor app in which information about the full graph of your child anytime. It’s a free app that will let you check the temperature of your body and to know whether you have a fever.

It has free access to fever management information licensed with Boston Children’s Hospital, which is the number one pediatric hospital in the US. If you have more than one child, the smartphone can connect with multiple iThermonitor sensors.


2. Smart Thermometer

The smart thermometer comes with a powerful sensor. It takes assistance from the GPS, so it’s necessary for you to enable them in the settings. It can only work if your mobile has a temperature sensor. 

It is built with a precise and beautiful design offering the temperature readings in celsius. The app uses an internet connection as a basis and gives historical data of the phone’s readings with an additional widget.


3. Thermometer

This is an amazing app to measure the ambient temperature or outside temperature with the help of the local meteorological station. It has the identical look of the thermometer. 


The readings commonly come from measures like Celsius and Fahrenheit scale with the indoor/ outdoor option. The animated weather background according to the weather condition outside.


4. iCelsius

iCelsius thermometer app extends the sense of your world working as an excellent digital thermometer. But you must note that it requires separate hardware which you must get from http://www.icelsius.com. 

thermometer price

It shows temperature data in one shot in a live display detailed with graph charts with pan and zoom touch support. Additional features are watching the history of all your previous records. Also, to record the readings with title, picture, and note.


5. Smarttemp

Smarttemp is a popular temperature measuring app for android and iOS users. It’s a free app, and the best feature it consists of is to allow you to track the temperature.for each of the members of the family after you create an account. 

thermometer price

Setting reminders to check and view history is available for free. You can set alarms, and as a parent, you’ll get the notifications of the child easily.

6. Fever Tracker

This app gives a fake fever report of its famous prank apps. It’s available for free, of course. Firstly, you have to place your finger on the spot for fingerprint scanning, and then you just have to wait for the analysis report to come back.

thermometer app

The fever tracker will help you in tracking the fever, and you can also send the data in the image form to the doctors as well.


Can a Smartphone be Used as a Thermometer? How Many Types of Temperatures Can We Measure With the Thermometer App?

how to use thermometer

Yes, smartphones can be used as a thermometer because, ultimately, it is more complex and capable than a tiny digital thermometer at any time. In fact, smartphones are built with multiple sensors that can control disastrous explosions on the battery and chips, preventing them.

Which types of temperature do the thermometer app measure?

The thermometer app can measure air temperature, body temperature, humidity, and the like. 

From Where Can You Download This App? Is it Paid or Free?

You can download it from Google Play Store, Apple Store.  Most of them are free and available in the stores. But yes there are paid ones as well, like Thermodo, which is worth $30. 


5 Things You Must Know About Thermometer App

Let’s see some of the assortment of features the thermometer apps provide-

thermometer app


1. 24/7 Monitoring

After you connect the smartphone with the thermometer app, it starts collecting temperature data every 4 or 5 seconds to develop a detailed, informative temperature chart.

2. Data Analysis

Some of the thermometer apps have an association with affiliated hospitals. So you may get a professional analysis of the temperature of your body.

3. Temperature Alert

Easy steps to take precautionary measures with the high-temperature alert you’ll receive if your child gets sick.

4. Calendar

If you have a doctor’s appointment after checking the body temperature through the thermometer app, it reminds you of the event on the particular day.

5. Registration

To use this app, you don’t need to register. Start to use it quickly soon after installing it.


What Are The Pros and Cons of a Thermometer App? Is it a Scam or a Real App Which People Can Use?

Although using thermometer app is one of the best solutions rather in using the virtual ones, there are some pros and cons which you need to be aware of-




  1. Very simple to use.
  1. Some users have reported that the settings can be tricky.
  1. Setting up is not complicated.
2. Reading is not accurate.
  1. The download and installation process is easy.
3. Sometimes it lags behind in working properly.


What do People Think About the Thermometer app? According to Internet Research and People’s Reviews. 

Let’s see some of the reviews on the thermometer app usage-

thermometer app




The Bottom Line

If your smartphone has the temperature sensor, then most likely, you can download the thermometer apps and have the readings of your body temperature. Although I recommend you not to use as most of them, don’t give you accurate readings. But to clear your curiosities, you can use it.



1. How do I know if my phone has a temperature sensor?

All the phones have the temperature sensor to monitor the heat of the battery and chips. But to measure the air temperature your phone needs an external sensor, this is not available on most of the phones. Hence, be careful while choosing the phone.

2. Does it check air quality?

Yes, it does check air temperature and humidity, but the quality of the air is not measured through thermometer apps.

3. Which phones have temperature sensors?

The phones do have a temperature sensor to monitor the heating of the CPU and battery. But to check the air temperature, it needs external sensors that should be fit far away from the existing sensors. Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3,  and Motorola usually come with this feature.

4. Why should you take your temperature?

It is important because a thermometer can help if you have a fever. Although fever is uncomfortable to have it’s a good indication that the body is fighting off infection.

5. Is it available for free?

Yes, it is completely free and available in the Apple store and Google Play store. You can send the necessary data which you have received to the doctors as well.

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