Ten Billion Coin blockchain all set to shine

Ten Billion Coin is a new decentralized innovation designed to empower Chinese industries hoping to leverage the power of distributed ledger technologies. This news surfaced on 15 August.

Ten Billion Coin started by noting that the platform would allow existing companies to take advantage of this technology. Such firms could avail transparent financial reports, supply chain management, authentic product verification, customer usage, and satisfaction reports. The blockchain firm asserted that it was not striking already established standards, rather, it was endeavoring for novel innovations.

Ten Billion Coin expressed in its own words as – 

“Ten Billion Coin is not trying to reinvent the wheel in blockchain, but rather help existing companies apply the advantages of the technology to their currently established business models to build stronger communities around their products or services via greater transparency. Ten Billion Coin’s goal is to help companies integrate blockchain technology as a tool for their business the same way that internet integration began in the 90s.”

Ten Billion Coin reiterated that the advantage of using existing companies was that staking future into unproven teams was avoided. The blockchain firm opined that there was safety to have existing product lines, distribution channels, management teams, and customer bases. Ten Billion Coin summarized that many aspects of new entrants into the blockchain industry pose a risk on the supporters and participants.


Cube System, blockchain research and development platform announced that its new Cube Chain based public blockchain has launched. Cube System commenced by informing that Cube Chain is a singular blockchain ecosystem that works on self-developed technology leading to the formation of cubes. The blockchain R&D platform further added that the cubing process combines 27 blocks at a time.

A new blockchain testing service has been launched by IBM Security’s team X-Force Red. The novel blockchain service will help identify the vulnerability. It will also evaluate processes used to manage the actual ledger environment as well as blockchain networks.

Ten Billion Coin drew a distinction that much of that risk was eliminated due to cooperation with companies that have proven themselves for years. The blockchain firm inferred that due to this factor, veterans have stability and reliability that could not be matched by new entrants. Quoting on the strong leadership, the blockchain firm emphasized that this was a project not to be missed. Ten Billion Coin noted China as an industrial powerhouse and its efficient steps on the blockchain.