Telegram Open Network (TON) may ring future of blockchains

Nick Kozlov, CTO of BUTTON Wallet ,  messenger based crypto wallet in Telegram blogged on 26 May about an insightful comparison of Telegram Open Network (TON) with others.

Nick commenced by informing that a comparison of TON with other blockchains like Polkadot and Cosmos Network would be handy. Nick indicated that such an evaluation of new generation blockchains was from his point of view. He threw more light on how the TON team is planning to onboard over 300 million users. Nick clarified that a concept called “sharding” was being used to achieve the scale to reach a multitude of users.

Nick expressed on the development as –

“TON is one of the most ambitious projects that is developed by a team of genius developers who also worked over Telegram messenger and However, TON is developed without community support. Right now it is not even fully open source. There are some issues with their sharding and some other ideas that Ethereum community raise that are not answered yet.”

Nick clarified that they had launched TON lite client and deployed an example smart contract to test network. Nick opined that currently, the developing experience was a bit challenging and not seamless. He sustained by adding that the Lite client was well coded and acknowledged the TON team for their development skills. Nick added clarity by conveying that TON was also inspired by PolkaDot and shared principles of Ethereum.

The TON team is planning to onboard over 300 million users using a concept called 'sharding'.

Nick added on the highlights of Polkadot. He noted that Polkadot was one of the best designed and most detailed proposed multichain projects. Polkadot development was led by one of the Ethereum co-founders. Nick further added that Polkadot has different blockchain for every chain. Essentially, Polkadot runs blockchains with parallel execution. However, Nick substantiated that the main problem of Polkadot was messaging between chains.

Recently, Ontology Team shared news about the release of its design for a cross-chain solution. Ontology added that its multichain design rivals competitors like Cosmos, Polkadot, and Plasma. The platform sustained by indicating that the design would allow for interaction between the main chain and side-chains, and also between side-chains.

Nick wrapped up by conveying keynotes about Cosmos Network. He suggested that Cosmos was another big project that wants to connect a lot of blockchains. Nick indicated that Polkadot and Cosmos are much more public. Cosmos has been already released. The two blockchains already have tools that allow developing on these networks. This is in contrast to TON which is still under active development and does not have a high-level programming language.