Tapatalk to reward users with cryptocurrency who proactively post high quality content

Tapatalk, the mobile forum giant application with an estimated registered user base of 300 million, has forged a deal with the Kin Foundation to reward its users with cryptocurrency for posting quality content on the platform.

“Tapatalk users will receive Kin for posting quality content in the app,” the companies said in a joint press release, “and in turn, they can send Kin to other creators on the platform.”

The partnership will see Tapatalk, whose platform hosts 200,000 forums based in 186 countries, seek to build engagement by rewarding users with Kin tokens for creating wholesome content.

“Tapatalk’s integration of Kin marks a noteworthy development in our expansion to reach new users and cultivate further engagement within the broader forum community. The mechanics of Kin will surely benefit existing forum users, while bringing new users into the fold of vibrant, active online discussion communities.” said Winter Wong, CEO of Tapatalk.

Tapatalk says that blockchain technology can bridge the gap separating different online communities, which the company says are typically cut-of off from one another. This causes slowing the spread of ideas.

By integrating online forums through an all-in-one mobile app, the company believes it can stimulate more productive online debates. ”We think cryptocurrencies and blockchain will make online forums better”, Mr. Wong further added.

Tapatalk to reward users with cryptocurrency who proactively post high quality content

“People contribute to online communities on a daily basis, but there isn’t an easy way for them to reward other users for their contribution to the discussion. We believe that Tapatalk will be a strong example of how Kin easily facilitates peer-to-peer transactions in apps once users begin rewarding each other for the creation of meaningful, engaging content.”, said Dany Fishel, President of Kin.

Kin, which was created by chat app Kik and initially funded through a 97 million U.S. dollar initial coin offering (ICO), has gone through a number of iterations since its token sale last year. Most recently, developers announced that the cryptocurrency would exist on a single, independent blockchain.

Despite one of the year’s biggest initial coin offerings, the token received a disappointing reception and declined heavily over the forthcoming bear season. After peaking at a substantial sum, the token’s total market cap is now worth a reasonably small number.

Such enterprising bounties are not only to enrich the people but to bring cryptocurrencies to the bigger picture. This is indeed great going and well taken.