Streamanity Video Service secures investment

Bitcoin SV provided news on 20 June about procuring investment from entrepreneur Calvin Ayre. Streamanity is a video platform built on Bitcoin SV (BSV).

Bitcoin SV introduced Calvin Ayre as the founder of Ayre Group and CoinGeek. Bitcoin SV also conveyed that Ayre is the key backer of BSV through his CoinGeek mining and other operations. Bitcoin SV added that Ayre expects the investment to further widen the horizons of  BSV blockchain growth to entertainment and other sectors. Streamanity is a video streaming service that monetizes directly from its users.

CoinGeek founder Calvin Ayre cited –

“Content is king, and Streamanity is empowering video content creators to be new kings for the Bitcoin era. Streamanity understands why Bitcoin’s original design, stable protocol, and massively scaled blockchain, now back in the form of Bitcoin SV, can be used to change the online video economy. They add another sector to the diverse ecosystem of applications on BSV.”

Bitcoin SV distinguished Streamanity from Youtube by noting that Streamanity does not contain any advertisements. Bitcoin SV further added that video creators could earn BSV directly from viewers who watch them on Streamanity. Bitcoin SV clarified that BSV’s massively-scaled blockchain enables micropayments with its fast and low fee transactions. Bitcoin SV sustained by adding that micropayments enable a kind of service devoid in traditional systems.

Streamanity is a video streaming service that monetizes directly from its users.

Bitcoin SV further added that Ayre’s investment is a part of a broader collaboration between its ecosystem and that of Streamanity. Bitcoin SV noted the prominent presence of another company nChain. nChain is a global leader in blockchain technologies and would support Streamanity with access to its intellectual property portfolio. Bitcoin SV noted that after Ayer’s Coingeek, nChain was the major supporter of Bitcoin SV.

Theta Labs shared the announcement Klaytn, would partner with and Theta Labs to launch Korea. Theta Labs conveyed that Korea would be a new esports mobile app powered by the Theta video delivery network. The pioneers of Theta token and network added Korea would join Klaytn blockchain platform as an initial launch partner. Theta Labs further emphasized Korea would leverage Theta decentralized video delivery network.

Jimmy Nguyen, Founding President of the Bitcoin Association and Chair of nChain’s Strategic Advisory Board, remarked that Bitcoin was more than just a digital coin. It would transform every industry with its blockchain capabilities. Jimmy added that the perfect example of this is Streamanity which is poised to change the content marketplace.