Stellar to look sharp with a new logo

Stellar, associated with the Stellar cryptocurrency (XLM) announced its decision to change the corporate identity with a new logo on 11 March.

Stellar cited its intent to change the brand logo as –

“A big piece of that work has been devising a new brand identity for Stellar itself. The current look has gotten us far, but Stellar’s future needs something with more design flexibility. We have big plans. Could you see a cartoon rocket ship in use at some central bank or in a press release from a national monetary authority? We couldn’t either.”

Stellar bade goodbye to its older logo. Stellar expressed that the older logo had served well and would be well remembered. To move on, Stellar has enlisted the design firm Kurppa Hosk to help them redefine their visual identity.

Stellar headlined that it has identified three important guiding principles in its endeavor to come up with a new logo. The new logo must be able to serve many business purposes. The new logo must be able to capture the story behind Stellar while also work as a currency symbol.

Stellar continued by elaborating on these principles. Speaking about versatility, Stellar expressed that it was an open network. Stellar serves as the key component to all kinds of financial products and services and is the base of a diverse ecosystem of projects. To back this credential, the logo should be use-case neutral.


To convey an idea about Stellar’s history, Stellar averred, the logo should reflect the transparency of the network. Stellar emphasized the logo “should feel friendly, inclusive”. The logo should embody Stellar’s past and even though the logo cannot be a rocket ship, it can convey an idea about Stellar’s previous space-exploratory days.

The final core principle, Stellar explained, evolved as they worked with Kurppa. The new logo would serve a dual purpose. It should by default represent Stellar Lumens but should also be able to stand in for the coin. Stellar clarified that similar to popular fiat currencies like dollar or pound, Stellar’s new logo must have the same expression.

Stellar unveiled its new logo and noted the resonance of the logo with the letter ‘S’. Stellar informed that the new logo would work in copy as a currency symbol also. Stellar revealed the mark and logo, deployed across their three main use-cases – Stellar, Stellar Lumens and Stellar Development Foundation.

Stellar reiterated about their 2019 roadmap. This activity corresponds to the projects of 2019, which also contains a complete update of The roadmap also aims to improve decentralization while preserving performance.

Stellar concluded by stating that in May, the launch of the redesigned website would be executed. The identity in new projects would be effective immediately.