Starbucks turns tech savvy to serve customers

Jennifer Sokolowsky, author at Transform – Microsoft News conveyed information on 06 May about Starbucks resorting to technology to better connect with its customers.

Jennifer started by noting the familiar sight at Starbucks stores where customers are treated to their coffee orders. She emphasized that although this process looks trivial, the whole developments are carefully tailored. This is in a bid to effectively serve more than a hundred million weekly customers. Jennifer highlighted that by joining forces with Microsoft, Starbucks is on an endeavor to scale customer experience.

Gerri Martin-Flickinger, Starbucks executive vice president and CTO cited –

“We have a world-class team of technologists engaging in groundbreaking innovation each day. Their inventiveness and intellectual curiosity are matched by their dedication to enabling the Starbucks experience, and this is increasingly critical to how technology has to show up for us. Everything we do in technology is centered around the customer connection in the store, the human connection, one person, one cup, one neighborhood at a time.”

Jennifer added that at the Microsoft Build 2019 conference, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella demonstrated how Starbucks leverages new technologies. She clarified that Starbucks uses a technology called ‘reinforcement learning’ to make better decisions for a personalized experience. The ability to suit customer preferences in unpredictable environments is a feature available to customers who use the Starbucks mobile app.

Jennifer threw light on some logistics of the mobile app. The app enables customers to receive customized suggestions using machine learning. The infrastructure is built and hosted in Microsoft Azure. She sustained by adding that Starbucks is striving to use blockchain for better traceability of coffee from farm to cup. Customers would have the facility to be aware of the entire lifecycle of coffee enabled through Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain Service.

starbucks is striving to use blockchain for better traceability of coffee from farm to cup

Recently, personnel from IBM conveyed insight into how blockchain could help increase access to credit for enterprises. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) often fuel the economy by generating new jobs. Access to credit is very important for such businesses. Developing economies are ideal to stand benefited from such endeavors.

Michelle Burns, Starbucks senior vice president of Global Coffee and Tea expressed that while the beverage is important, the work behind it was their inspiration. Michelle indicated that such transparency allows consumers to know that a lot of effort was executed in the background. She conveyed that more talks with coffee farmers were underway to efficiently help them with digital traceability. This is a new attempt and more news is expected to come.