Solve.Care and Boehringer Ingelheim partner towards blockchain healthcare

In a press release dated 06 June, Solve.Care, a global healthcare platform announced its partnership with pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim to launch a care network for patients with diabetes.

Solve.Care headlined that the Diabetes Care Administration Network would provide patients and providers with information about diabetes. There would also be information shared about its associated risks, prevention, symptoms and care coordination using Solve.Care’s blockchain based platform. Solve.Care has already distinguished itself as a platform which uses blockchain technology for the administration, coordination, and payments of healthcare benefits.

Pradeep Goel, CEO of Solve. Care expressed –

“Solve.Care is delighted to announce the introduction of this groundbreaking network onto our platform which will help address one of the most debilitating diseases afflicting millions of men and women around the world. Boehringer Ingelheim is a global leader in innovative solutions that bring more health to patients and we are honored by their trust and multi-year commitment to launching one of the most innovative patient-centric networks in the world.”

Solve.Care added that the Diabetes Care Administration Network aims to improve the welfare of patients with diabetes. The firm noted that such people may also be at an increased risk from cardiovascular diseases. Solve.Care further added that despite medical advancements, heart disease was still the major cause of death for people with diabetes. The new solution would help bridge a knowledge gap by providing vital information about the disease.

There would be information on diabetes shared about associated risks, prevention, symptoms and care coordination using Solve.Care’s blockchain based platform.

Solve.Care commented that initially, the network will be available to more than 25,000 patients through Arizona Care Network (ACN). ACN would provide care management and support care coordinators. This is with the goal of achieving better healthcare outcomes for participating patients. Solve.Care clarified that based on this pilot endeavor, expansion opportunities in the US and globally would be evaluated.

Last month, Solve.Care Foundation announced a partnership with Delchain to connect traditional financial industry with the world of digital currencies. Delchain would provide Solve.Care Wallet clients a facility to acquire and use SOLVE tokens from the market. Delchain offers a full range of digital services to support blockchain technology companies, specializing in building solution between traditional institutions and digital assets.

Solve.Care emphasized an innovative element of the platform and the Diabetes Care Administration Network. This is the ability of family members to manage the care of their loved ones. A versatile aspect is that it is not just the patient, but the community around and those chosen by the patient, that is engaged to make important choices about coordination of healthcare.