Top 11 Sites Like SolarMovie You Must Know in 2021 

Every day millions of online content are streamed on the internet. People are favoring more towards watching movies at home rather than the traditional way of watching a movie. But the problem is there are hundreds of streaming websites claiming to be legit.

SolarMovie is considered one of the sites that provide plenty of movies of high quality. However, the site does have some drawbacks if you notice it closely. This is why we have curated a list of sites like SolarMovie



SolarMovie is an online streaming platform where you can watch movies online for free. But due to some drawbacks, ISPs have removed the SolarMovie website, making things difficult for movie lovers. 


What is SolarMovie? Is it Shut Down?

SolarMovie is a famous movie streaming site that offers content from drama, comedy, action, and many more. The whole package of watching movies is entirely free, and you don’t need to worry about paying any extra fees. 

sites like SolarMovie

SolarMovies is quite famous because it offers free content in HD format, and you can watch without going through a registration process. If you want to download movies to watch them online, it is easier to download as well. You can watch from categories like Musical, War, Thriller, Animation, Sci-Fi, Romance, Mythological, Mystery. Biography, Documentaries, Horror, Adventure, and many more on SolarMovie.

Although it made people’s life easier and worked as a search engine for movies, the site had some issues. Due to copyright issues and other legal hassles, the site suddenly shut down, much to the users’ dismay.


Top 11 SolarMovie Alternatives You Must Download

Here is the list of Top 10 SolarMovie Alternatives you must be aware of if you miss watching movies for free.

SolarMovie alternative

1. Hulu

Hulu is one of the impressive sites like SolarMovie, which boasts a massive collection of movies. You can watch movies from many parts of the world, and the platform is straightforward to use. Whether it is movies or a TV show, the quality of the content is high, and you can keep streaming faster. 

SolarMovie alternatives

Compared to SolarMovie, I liked streaming several live TV channels as per your request. But it is not free. You need to subscribe to enjoy quality content. There are more than 50 on-demand channels that work on your beck and call. Just like Netflix and SolarMovie, Hulu offers some original content as well.

2. Vumoo.To

Vumoo is another one of the sites like SolarMovie, which offers quality content for users for a long time. One meaning about the site is that it allows you to download the videos apart from countless streaming.

SolarMovie alternatives

Vumoo has a better collection of movies, and you can continue watching movies without registration as well. Although the website reviews suggest that Vumoo is quite messy when compared to other sites. Even I noticed the disorientation of the content.

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3. YifyMovies

YifyMovies is a well-known SolarMovie alternative available online. The sorting options are impressive, and you can watch various movies and TV shows. To sift through the movies, there are different genres and ratings. You can also browse according to the year of release. There is a rating posted, making it easier to decide which one to watch next.

Registration is not mandatory. You can sign up only if you want. But one drawback of the site constant pop-up ads, which frustrates you. The site was once a torrent website, but later due to its popularity, it was converted into online streaming movies and videos. 

4. Yes Movies

Yes, Movies is a similar website to SolarMovies, and you can watch movies and TV shows for free. The high-quality video lists are updated country-wise. Unlike other websites, you can watch content from Argentina, Algeria, American, Samoa, Angola, and many more without any complications.

sites like SolarMovie

The categories of movies from Yes Movies include Animation, Action, Adventure, Biography, and many more.

5. Tubitv

Tubi tv is a popular online free movie streaming platform where you can watch movies and TV shows in HD quality. One of the fantastic features of Tubitv, which I liked compared to SolarMovie, is that you can seamlessly download it from the Play Store to use it on your phone.

SolarMovie alternative

Streaming live channels like Dove channel, CONtv, BabyFirst TV is more accessible and seamless. A set of classic movie collections is guaranteed, and you never have to be bored at home if you want to feel like getting some entertainment a bit. 

The category of movies allows you to choose from Animation, Action, Comedy, Documentary, Dema, and others as per your mood.

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6. Moonline

Are you ready with some popcorn already? Moonline is here to offer the best HD quality movies for free. Enjoy streaming movies at 720p and 1080p without limitations or registration.

SolarMovie alternatives

One of the impressive things I liked about the site is that Moonline allows you to record unlocked streaming video online.  The search system and user interface are seamless and you can sift through movies according to A-Z order.

7. Movie Watcher

SolarMovie alternatives

Movie Watcher is a fantastic option if you are looking for SolarMovie alternatives. The site hosts quite unique content from movies, documentaries, TV shows, events, and more. Not only frequent movies, but the site also gathers content from different sources, and there is an excellent chance to find the desired shows you want to watch.

Users prefer the site much more because it frequently updates the site with upcoming movies to watch on the weekend.

8. CONtv

CONtv is a platform with a fabulous streaming service. From classic films to television series, everything is available on the multi-platform. The site is available in a broad spectrum of Android and iOS devices. One different thing is you need to register before watching any videos on CONtv.

SolarMovie alternatives

As a SolarMovies alternative, you can watch as many comics, documentaries,  and movies as you want. 

9. 123Movies

123Movies is another SolarMovie Alternative that is easy to use. The interface is quite friendly, and you can watch a massive collection of movies. Whether it is a superhit ot sitcom, you can watch everything. 

sites like SolarMovie

There are different collections of English movies you can get from France, the United Kingdom, South Korea, the USA, Japan, and many more.

10. Movie4K

Movie4K is an online movie streaming site that focuses on new releases. The site is known to take you deeper into old movies as well. Over the years, the website, like SolarMovie, has maintained a decent collection of movies.

SolarMovie alternative

It is available for HD streaming as well if you have a pretty good internet connection. 

11. YoMovies

A movie is a place where you can find everything from the site’s giant library. Whether it is a classic movie or a movie from the theatre, you can find anything after three days of its release.

SolarMovie alternative

You can choose the most popular ones based on IMDB ratings along with trending ones. The genres you can watch in different movies include Thriller, Action, Animation, Crime, and Horror.

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How to Watch Movies on SolarMovie for Free?

Here are the steps you need to follow to watch movies on SolarMovie for free:

SolarMovie alternative

  1. First, go to the SolarMovies site and sign up for an account. 
  2. Go to the homepage, you can find various options like movies, tv-series, IMDB movies, and features movies.
  3. After signing up, make sure to select the movie from the different options available on the homepage or the search bar.


What are the Requirements for Watching Free Movies?

Although you can watch movies for free on sites like SolarMovie, there are specific requirements. Ensure that you have installed the latest version of Windows, like 7,8, or 10, so that you can easily watch HD movies. 

sites like SolarMovie

As it is essential to watch the videos smoothly, you can slap watch from the big outdoor screen on SolarMovie. But you definitely need to make sure it is compatible with your computer so that you do not face any hindrance while watching the movie.


Is watching SolarMovie illegal?

Since SolarMovie is a site designed to allow users to watch movies where they have to pay a hefty sum, it does face some legal issues. For many years, SolarMovies had the spotlight since online streaming became a thing.

In a way, SolarMovie is goest through other countries’ servers to get the material. It faces copyright issues as well. This is what SolarMovie is considered illegal and a giant headache for people in the administration.

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What Do People Think About SolarMovie Alternatives? According to People’s Opinion and People’s Research.

Take a look at these screenshots to know more about what people think about the alternatives.

SolarMovie alternative


The Bottom Line

Although SolarMovie is just another streaming website, it is better than most with fewer ads and fast streaming speed. 123Movies has a fantastic collection of English movies. Hulu is excellent for on-demand Live channels. 

Overall, all these websites are great for providing entertaining content. While choosing the best online streaming site, make sure to choose the best one with limited ads and a good collection of recent movies. 



1. Is SolarMovie safe to use?

Yes, SolarMovie is safe to use because it does not harm your device. You can watch movies or TV shows for free with no ads.

2. Did SolarMovie get shut down?

Yes, due to legal and copyright issues, SolarMovies for the shutdown.

3. Is watching SolarMovie illegal?

No, it is not illegal to watch movies on SolarMovie.

4. Is 123Movies illegal?

123Movies is illegal, and it is undoubtedly banned in the united state because they don’t license content.

5. What happens if you get caught streaming movies?

If you are caught streaming movie videos online illegally, you can be fined up to $750 or more according to the rules.


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