Best Sites Like Chatroulette – Top Random Chat Websites Alternatives In 2020

    Are you a very people-oriented person? Do you love to meet and interact with new people often? If so, you should definitely consider video calling strangers on Chatroulette. 

    Before that, is Chatroulette safe to use? Is it meant for people of all ages or only teens and middle-aged people? Do parents across the world approve of Chatroulette? Kindly read on to find out. 


    What is Chatroulette? What do you mean by Chatroulette alternative websites?

    Chatroulette is a video-calling software that connects a person to a total stranger anywhere in the world. That way, people can have face-to-face interactions with total strangers from different countries. 

    chatroulette alternative

    Chatroulette alternative websites are websites that offer similar services to Chatroulette. If a person registers on those websites he or she too can chat with or have a video call with total strangers from different countries. 


    Why do people use the Chatroulette website? How does it work?

    Initially, Chatroulette was founded to connect people from different countries so that they can get to know each other and share some useful information but later on, people began to use Chatroulette to show their genitals and attract the opposite sex. It is for this reason, parents began opposing the use of Chatroulette by their kids. 

    chatroulette type sites

    To use Chatroulette, you can log in via your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter login credentials. Then you have to enter information like your gender, the chat type you want, and whether you want your chat partner’s face to appear blurred in the drop-down menu. 

    Your computer has to have an in-built camera or an attached camera for you to use Chatroulette as it’s a video calling software. If the video call with your chat partner does not go well for some reason, you can chat with another random partner by clicking on the ‘Next’ button. To stop chatting with any person, just sign out of your social media account. 


    Where can you find sites like Chatroulette? Is it safe to use?

    Chatroulette made a big splash when it was launched in 2009. By the end of 2010, it had millions of registered users on its platform. Unfortunately, as some people began to misuse Chatroulette, its popularity dipped later on and parents began opposing the use of Chatroulette by their kids. 

    chatroulette alternative

    Surprisingly, Chatroulette still has some loyal users, who use Chatroulette for dating or just for romantic desire purposes (bummer isn’t it?). 

    So if you’re a parent, kindly advise your kids to stay away from the Chatroulette website as people display their private parts or get naked on that website to attract the opposite sex (or sometimes even the same sex). 

    As of 2020, there are many websites that offer similar services to Chatroulette. They are as follows:

    1. Chatrandom

    On this website, people can either text chat with or video call random strangers from different countries. It also has some animation features which you use to give funny looks to your chat partner (virtually).

    random chat

    When you go to that website, it will request your permission to access your computer’s camera. You can log into the website only if you grant permission. Once you’ve granted permission to access your system’s camera, you can begin chatting with random strangers by clicking the ‘Start’ button. 

    2. Tiny Chat

    This website has features that enable you to text chat with, voice call, or video call total strangers from across the world. People who are shy to show their faces in video calls find Tiny Chat’s features very convenient. 

    chatroulette alternative

    Tiny Chat has a very large user base as of 2020. Therefore, you can always find someone to chat with. You can also simultaneously chat in multiple chat rooms. 

    3. Meetzur

    This website was only recently launched in 2015 but it has grown exponentially since then. It’s not mandatory to create unique login credentials on this website as it allows you to log in via your Facebook account. 

    chatroulette type sites

    The unique feature of this website is that it allows you to add friends and drop them offline messages (like Facebook messenger). 


    This website enables video calling total strangers. You can also create your own chat room and invite the people you like to join it. It has a mediocre user base and user rating. The rules are simple, you must be 18 years old or older to enter the website, and not to show recorded videos or be rude while broadcasting.

    sites like chatroulette

    Giving out personal information while broadcasting or spam the chat is not allowed too. Another rule is that it is forbidden to log in as a female while you are male. 

    5. Bazoocam

    Apart from enabling you to video call complete strangers from different countries, this website also enables you to embed the chat on your personal blog. So you can work while chatting. 

    6. iMeetZu

    This website enables you to text chat with, voice call, or video call complete strangers from across the world. You have to create unique login credentials to log in to this website.

    The unique feature about this website is that it enables you to choose the country, age, and interests of the person you want to chat with. This way chats in iMeetZu become more meaningful, friendly, and productive.

    7. InstaChatRooms

    This website enables you to create multiple chat rooms and group chats. It also enables you to schedule meetups or dates with your “friends”. You can add a person as your friend and set up a meetup location on mutual agreement.

    chatroulette websites

    8. ChatBazaar

    The surprising thing about this website is that it does not require prior user registration before users can start chatting with random strangers. One simply needs to visit the website to chat with random strangers. Users can create group chats as well as participate in live forums on this website.

    9. FunYo

    This website, like Chatroulette, enables only video calling of strangers. Voice chatting or text chatting features are not available. Like ChatBazaar, one does not need to register on this website to start chatting. One only needs to visit the website to start chatting.

    10. ChatRad

    chatroulette type sites

    On this website, one only needs to enter whether he’s a boy or a girl to start chatting. One can choose the country from where one wants his or her chat partner. One can also select the desired language for chatting. To start chatting, one needs to press the ‘Start’ button and to end a chat, one needs to click on the ‘Stop’ button on the website.

    Chatroulette is generally safe from computer viruses and malware. Unless your chat partner sends you a malicious link to you and you click it, you will not be infected by computer viruses or malware on Chatroulette’s website. 

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    4 Best Ways To Connect With Strangers

    People prefer chatting with strangers online rather than meet them in person because it’s a lot less embarrassing and awkward. Some websites have the text chatting feature where one need not show one’s face to chat with a stranger. 

    sites like chatroulette

    That enables people to chat about pretty much whatever they want and without feeling the pressure to reply immediately. If you’re planning to chat online, you most probably want your chat to be enjoyable and meaningful. If so, you must follow these guidelines to make your chat meaningful and enjoyable. They are:


    1. Chat over a secure internet connection

    Most of the people on the internet are mean-minded and corrupt people who look to harm others in some way or lead them to devious ways. Therefore, it is very important to chat over a secure internet connection.

    Otherwise, you could be sent a malicious file or your IP address could be hacked. You must also be careful not to casually let slip important information about yourself like your residential address, office address, your government ID number, etcetera while chatting with strangers online. They may misuse it. 

    If your chat partner sends you any file over the chat interface, do not download it immediately as it could be a malicious file. Scan it with an antivirus or anti-malware software first and then download it if it’s safe.

    If your chat partner asks you too many personal questions, do not answer them. Request him or her to stop it. If he or she still continues to do so, end the conversation with him or her. After all, the main purpose of chatting online is to have fun and make it meaningful, not to be embarrassed by awkward questions. 

    If your chat partner requests for a place to meet up, meet him or her in a public place like a park, a mall, a cafe, etcetera as these places provide a decent level of personal security. 

    Do not agree to meet your chat partner in his or her house or do not agree to let your chat partner come to your house. Your chat partner could be a criminal who might want to murder or blackmail you. So, kindly beware!

    2. Be yourself

    Whether chatting with someone online or in real life, never try to behave like someone else (usually a celebrity). Always feel proud and comfortable in being yourself. Everyone is unique in the world and everyone is valuable in some way. 

    To give a good start to the conversation, start talking about your passions and dislikes. Talk about your life’s goals and the obstacles you’re facing right now. 

    3. Listen to your partner

    Listening to people is very important to make the conversation a two-way conversation. Carefully listen to their problems, put yourself in their shoes, and offer them sound advice or at least sympathize with them. That’s a sound way to build a strong relationship. 

    Listening to other people’s problems will enhance your own problem-solving capabilities. You can also learn a lot about other people’s cultures and countries if you listen to them closely. 

    4. Agree to meet at a public place

    If your chat goes well and you want to meet your chat partner, kindly arrange your meeting in a public place like a mall, a park, a cafe, etcetera. These places provide a decent level of personal security in case something goes wrong. 

    Do not agree to meet your chat partner in his or her house or do not agree to let your chat partner come to your house. Your chat partner could be a criminal who might want to murder or blackmail you.

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    Do people on Chatroulette track the user’s IP address?

    It is very difficult for hackers to surpass Chatroulette’s firewall and hack your PC directly. Chatroulette may have a lot of pornographic content but it’s quite a secure site. 

    chatroulette websites

    However, if your chat partner sends you a malicious file or a link and you click on it without scanning it first, your PC will get infected with a computer virus (not the novel coronavirus) or malware and get damaged. 

    So, be very careful. Do not open any link or file your chat partner sends you without scanning it first. 


    What are the personal details sites like Chatroulette require while signing in?

    To sign up on Chatroulette, you need to follow the following steps. They are:

    1. Make sure that your computer has an in-built or attached camera

    As Chatroulette is basically a video calling website, your PC should have an attached or an in-built camera to make use of the website. It can also have the latest version of Flash media player installed for better video call quality. 

    2. Create an account

    You then need to go to Chatroulette’s website, click on the ‘Profile and Settings’ option, then click on the ‘Account’ tab, then fill in the details in the ‘Free Sign Up’ section to sign up on Chatroulette’s website.

    The details asked in the free sign-up section are your desired username, your email address, the password that you desire for the Chatroulette website, and a confirmation of your password. Once you have entered all those details, you can click the ‘Sign Up’ button to sign up on Chatroulette’s website.  

    3. Start chatting

    Once you have your web camera ready and once you have signed up on Chatroulette’s website, you can begin chatting by clicking the ‘Start’ button (or F2 key). 

    In case you find that your chat partner is abusive in some way, you can report abuse and get connected with another chat partner by clicking on the ‘Report and next’ button or by pressing the F4 function key.

    If you want to switch to another chat partner without reporting abuse on the previous one, simply click the ‘Next’ button or press the F2 function key. If you want to stop chatting altogether, click on the ‘Stop’ button or press the F3 function key. Once you have stopped chatting, kindly sign out of Chatroulette to avoid any hacking instances.


    Is Chatroulette’s website or any other alternative site a scam or do they work?

    The intentions behind the founding of the Chatroulette website are noble. Chatroulette’s founder, Andrey Ternovskiy, founded Chatroulette to strongly connect people from across the world but later on, people began to misuse Chatroulette for sexual attraction rather than to get to know each other. 

    So, Chatroulette as a website is not a scam. It still enables its users to report abuse against malicious chatters but people are addicted to pornography so they don’t do so. It is just some malicious people who have turned Chatroulette into a porn site. You can still use Chatroulette constructively if you really wanted to.    


    What are the pros and cons of Chatroulette alternatives? 

    The pros and cons of websites like Chatroulette are as follows:

    sites like chatroulette


    • You get to interact with strangers from all over the world. This way you get to learn about new cultures and new countries. Sometimes, you may even get the opportunity to chat with celebrities.
    • Websites like Chatroulette help a shy and introverted person come out of his or her shell and learn lots of things. Some people at Chatroulette are very tolerant of the weird behavior of others. 
    • Websites like Chatroulette enable a person to apply filters on his or her chat. A person can choose his or her chat partner’s country of residence, the chat language, the chat partner’s gender, the chat partner’s age group, the chat partner’s passions, etcetera. That way, no one will feel left out or out of the league. 
    • If your chat partner is being abusive towards you, you can either report abuse and skip to another one (F4) or you can skip to another chat partner without reporting abuse (F2).  


    • Websites like Chatroulette can contain a lot of pornographic content posted by malicious users. So children should be kept away from these sites as pornography is addictive in nature.  
    • The registration process of Chatroulette is quite short and simple. So even children with basic computer knowledge can sign up and use Chatroulette, which is not desirable. 


    What do people think about these sites? According to internet research and people reviews.

    Websites like Chatroulette were founded to connect people across the world so that they can interact with each other and learn lots about each other’s culture and country of origin.

    Unfortunately, some malicious people have posted nude pics of themselves and turned websites like Chatroulette into a porn site. Because of some malicious people, the rating of Chatroulette has plummeted and now it has mostly negative reviews from users. 

    Given below are the reviews of Chatroulette, kindly go through them and judge for yourself if Chatroulette will be worth your time.  

    chatroulette type sites


    The Bottom Line

    Websites like Chatroulette were founded to connect people across the world so that they can interact with each other and learn a lot about each other’s cultures and country of origin but some malicious users have posted nude pics and videos of themselves in websites like Chatroulette and turned them into porn sites. 

    So, despite websites like Chatroulette being founded with the best intentions, they have been rendered useless and harmful now. If you’re a parent, you should keep your kids away from websites like these as pornography is highly addictive and could lead one to waste one’s life.  



    1. What is Chatroulette?

    Chatroulette is a website that enables people to connect with random strangers from across the world via video calls. 

    2. Can Chatroulette be hacked?

    Chatroulette may have a lot of pornographic content posted by malicious users but it’s a highly secure website. It has a robust and secure firewall, so people can’t hack your IP address easily. 

    However, if your chat partner sends you a malicious link or a malicious file and you click on it without scanning it first, your computer can be hacked and damaged. 

    3. Is Chatroulette anonymous?

    Initially, Chatroulette portrayed all of its users as ‘Anonymous’ but seeing the atrocities and nude acts that some of its users perform, it now portrays its users with their usernames and their email address. That way their abuse can be reported easily and they can be tracked and banned easily.  

    4.Is Chatroulette still popular today?

    Despite most of Chatroulette’s users posting nude pics and videos of themselves and despite Chatroulette being framed as a porn site, it still has some loyal users, who use Chatroulette constructively!


    If you have found this article helpful, do let us know in the comment section below!

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