Sapphire Technology ‘Grin’s with a new mining hardware

Sapphire Technology proudly announced on 22 January, the launch of a new and advanced graphics card suitable for mining Grin cryptocurrency.

The new piece of hardware is officially called SAPPHIRE RX 570 16GB HDMI Blockchain Graphics Card. Global VP of Marketing at Sapphire Technology, Adrian Thompson, commented:

“The launch of the RX 570 16GB HDMI Card presents an exciting opportunity not just for SAPPHIRE but for early Grin Coin miners,  We’re thrilled to be bringing this and future blockchain products to market.”

Adrian further added that more products in the pipeline would include a new 16GB Graphics hardware to SAPPHIRE’s line of MGI and INCA Series of dedicated blockchain systems. From what we gathered, the latest hardware is not oriented towards hardcore gaming, rather towards crypto mining.

Sapphire Technology backed its new release stating that it would be “the first of a new family” of advanced components suited to mine Grin and other cryptocurrencies. Although the product is not yet available in the retail market, Sapphire made it clear that it can be ordered shortly.

Sapphire Tech's new hardware to support Grin cryptocurrency mining builds on big firm's efforts to bring advanced components to the mainstream. Surely more to come!

The high-tech firm substantiated that the new graphics processing unit (GPU) would be able to swiftly and efficiently solve the Cuckoo Cycle algorithm which forms the cornerstone of Grin’s proof-of-work(PoW). Sapphire stated in technical jargon that the RX 570 can mine Cuckatoo 31+  with ease and early bird miners are benefited from higher rewards.

The Cuckoo Cycle algorithm is leveraged by Grin and the algorithm is notorious for being demanding on the random access memory (RAM). Although there are a couple of ways to mine the coin, using the central processor and GPU is the ideal approach.

Sapphire Technology emphasized its presence in the market for over 15 years through manufacturing state-of-the-art graphics cards along with other components. Unlike other GPUs which are devoted to industrial or professional uses, the new GPU is more commonplace.

The announcement also captured the essence of Grin as a privacy-based cryptocurrency. After being in the development phase for nearly two years, the coin went live last week. Grin adheres to ‘mimblewimble’ protocol which ensures strict secrecy of transactions. Sapphire rightly put it as being ‘decentralized and democratized’.

We are witnessing a barrage of altcoins enter the market and an equal number of hardware innovations. While these novelties should not overwhelm us, the onus for crypto enthusiasts is to be well aware of happening trends and make full use of them. The cryptocurrency Grin is poised to take a salient position in the crypto landscape, definitely worth the hype.