Ripple’s Xpring and gaming startup Forte are collectively funding $100 million to back game developers. The announcement was published by Forte on 12 March.

The blog titled ‘Forging the Future of Games’, authored by Brett Seyler, Founder and Chief Platform Officer of Forte Labs, adds that Xpring is planning to introduce core technologies of Fortes’ blockchain platform to market.

Seyler believes that Xpring’s projects like hosting software services in the decentralized ecosystem by utilizing Cordius and facilitating cross-chain transactions using Interledger Protocol (ILP) offer a strong foundation for the future in the gaming industry.

Brett Seyler cited in the blog that –

Many of my colleagues in the game industry are on a cautious footing with blockchain. It’s new, often overhyped, and has attracted many unsavory opportunists.”

Seyler further explains that game developers always adopt new technologies in quest of excellent productive potential, business resources and the ability to draw the attention and entertain global audiences.

Seyler mentions that Forte is proud of the products it has developed in the past. Forte can see its development this year through Xpring, which is a bigger professional business.

Seyler also believes that virtual economies in games can more closely reflect the firms experience in real economies. Forte’s goal as game developers is to develop the economies in a way that maximizes interoperability and openness.

Forte will adopt the virtual economies design into the platform. The economic design will encourage larger player bases, happier players, an excellent association between players and developers, ultimately leading to the success of the gaming industry.  


Initially, Forte will support developers with fundamental concepts. Forte is also developing a wallet that will be simple to use and integrate with both new and existing games on various platforms and facilitate cross-chain transactions using Interledger.

Forte is developing multiple projects to enhance developers to inspect smart contract framework and nodes. The gaming startup is also developing tools to update contracts, reconcile new data, generate data reports, and mint new chains.

Seyler also mentioned that Forte is considering to secure licenses for regulatory compliant operations in all significant markets. It is also offering market-making services to address cold start economic hurdles in new game economies.

Blockchain technology is leveraging innovative ways for the gaming industry to develop new tools and technologies. Similarly, Bittrex International announced its asset trading platform will host the upcoming Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) of RAID’s XRD token. RAID is an international gaming data blockchain project.

The rewards of the IEO will be leveraged by RAID to develop innovations that compensate gamers for sharing data, promote marketing and advance new business strategies for gaming companies.