9 Best Rabbit Alternatives in 2020 Also Find Out Why Site Like Rabbit was Shutdown.

As the saying goes- “The bad news- nothing lasts forever and the good news- nothings lasts forever,” once a popular website Rabb.it was shut down with impending measure leaving a legacy behind on 31st July 2019. 

The website had more than 400,000 users and left a landmark by 2015 with an improved platform for its users. The user can lay any content he/she wishes where multiple people could browse and watch them together in their own comfort zone.

As it was growing towards the sky with top-notch quality service by streaming videos through third-party sites, things took a drastic turn by 2019, failing to hold its investors. Now, it has been acquired by Kast which has promised to bring back the glory it once had. 

Anyways, if you are one of those people who is looking for the best video streaming website, then you are at the right place, there are many other rabbit alternatives to consider watching movies and videos together! Read along.


What is Rabb.it? What do People Use to Call This Website?

Rabb.it was once a video streaming website with a mobile application. It was launched in 2014 in California, the United States. It used to allow people to watch the same content in real-time that was browsed somewhat remotely.

rabbit alternatives

Here, the host will start a chat room where it could be either private or public, where everyone who can watch the room could join it. People could also see videos and listen to audios that are streamed by the host. 

The only difference between Rabbit with YouTube and Netflix is that it did not host the content displayed. It used a Virtual computer named “Rabbitcast.” people also used to call this website the “BUNNY.”


What Kind of Website Rabbit Was? What Type of Features did it Provide to its Users?

Rabbit once had 4 million active users, but now it doesn’t even exist! So what went wrong? Where did it commit mistakes? What issues did it have?

They had not one issue but multiple issues. First of all, the revenue model was flawed. And the biggest pillar for any business is that they did not have any investors, and it hit hard because it did not have huge capital. 

The feedback from the people when they decided to charge for the service was extremely negative. 

Some of the features it provided for its users are-

  • It gave full experience which included voice chat, video sharing, and more.
  • Availability in chrome on desktop.
  • Mobile version for iOS and Android devices.

Since it’s no longer available, it has created the need for rabbit alternatives.


Are There Any Other Websites Like Rabb.it or Was it the Only One?

sites like rabbit

After Rabb.it got acquired by Kast with full rights of the software stack, patents, and intellectual property of the app, it shut down its work before that entirely. And no, it wasn’t shut down for legal issues; the problem was that the investors started withdrawing from the business.

Yes, Rabbit was a great app that allows video streaming with web-based group chat. But there were alternatives to rabbit letting you not feel the loss of a once-popular app.  


What Can I Use Instead of Rabbit? 5 Best Rabbit Alternatives Most of the People are Unaware of.

alternatives to rabbit


Kosmi is one of the best sites like rabbit, which allows for the creation of virtual hangouts with friends. You just have to install the app to create a room where you can chat live and talk over a webcam.

sites like rabb.it
The activities that Kosmi provides are-

  • You can instantly invite friends using a URL.
  • Easily run games, synced video, and emulators.
  • Play Multiple games online with friends.
  • Open Arena to enjoy classic FPS with members.
  • Initiating a virtual card table to play card games online.
  • Play videos and watch them together with friends.
  • With a browser tab, share your screen with video and audio with the room members.
  • Watch YouTube synced videos.
  • Get a list of public rooms to join.

Kosmi is also a platform for developers to develop their own experience through the coming SDK. WebRTC and WebSockets also provide real time-app experience.


Simulchat is used to watch movies, share files, and play games in private chat rooms. Video calls and text chat together are also allowed. Videos found on YouTube can be watched with Simulchat syncing them. 

It’s very easy to use web-based service, and you must create an account first. Within a few minutes of registration, you’re all set to go getting you to Simulchat room in seconds.


Andchill is another one of the websites like rabbit that you can create instantly to the private or public chatroom to watch videos simultaneously with anyone around the globe.

websites like rabbit

The great thing about this website is you can easily browse and open public chat rooms and see what people are watching before joining them. Meeting new people and sharing funny content with friends is easier

Even creating a room is simpler by just a click of the option. You will get an amazing user experience. I usually watch BuzzFeed episodes here along with my friends.


BlaTube is a fantastic website that has all the similar features and functions like rabb.it. There is no need to rabbit alternatives site as it is very easy to create room chats with something to watch along with friends. 

rabbit alternatives

The user interface is top-notch, and the quality is high. The mobile application is available, and you can share videos from sites like Dropbox, and YouTube. 



Watch together allows you to share and exchange experiences in real-time with friends and family. It’s a good alternative among sites like rabb.it. The unique fact about this website is you can even go shopping together with your friends.

It allows you to-

  • Organize your favorite playlists
  • Watch content from Vimeo, YouTube, and Dailymotion.
  • Shopping from Amazon.

Share the link of the website to invite them as well.



Rave is also a casual platform aiming to be like social media. As a web-based media solution, you can share videos and music by listening and watching content with friends and family.

It even supports mobile applications and the streaming can happen with YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive, Viki, and Reddit. iRave is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.

Even the local music parties can be made fun and a great way to meet new people. You can share anything directly from the mobile device itself.



myCircle.tv is another one of the websites like rabbit to watch movies and listen to music. It lets you set up your own private chat room. You can create playlists apart from streaming videos and movies from a site like YouTube. 

Social share feature lets you invite friends and family by sending the link through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

But you need to upload files in myCloud rather than accessing it from dropbox. 


8. Sync-Video

Sync-Video is very efficient in usage although its user-interface is slightly disappointing. It’s headquartered in Poland. You can watch videos together no matter how far your partner might be located.

New features will be added frequently to improve the website and, of course, make it faster to use. There is no requirement for you to start a virtual room. Extensions are also available so that you can install for Firefox and Chrome. 

Streaming videos that support are YouTube and Vimeo; also the ogv, mp4 files work.


9. Netflix Party

Netflix party works with a browser extension, so you must install the extension for Google Chrome before you start streaming videos and sharing them. Please note that you must have a Netflix account.

rabbit alternatives

Select the required video, and this is a new way of watching Netflix together. Use the extension to create the Netflix party then invite your friends to watch them together. The users can even chat in real-time with the synced video.

This does not work with YouTube or other sites; it’s intended use is only for Netflix account holders. 

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Why a Website like Rabbit was Shut Down? What Were the Consequences it Faced?

sites like rabbit

As we discussed earlier, rabb.it had over 4 million user base. They had major issues with the revenue model of the company. The main support any business needs to run is funding from investors. But they lacked investors who could invest huge capital in the initial years.

To combat the lack of investors, they decided to charge for the services and asked feedback from the customers. Unfortunately, the feedback from the people was negative; no one was willing to pay for the app to use it.

Rabb.it had a difficult time convincing their investors the content they used for streaming videos is legit and not stolen, poor marketing, out of capital drained them. Later on July 31st, 2019, they announced to shut down and kast acquired the service with software stack, intellectual property, and patents.


Is it Safe to Use Alternative Sites Like Rabb.it? What is the Login Procedure in These Websites?

Yes, it is safe to use alternative sites like rabb.it. But you must be aware that any kind of data transfer is subjected to security risks, and the access of third party transferring data is not 100% ensured securely.

You can also adjust the cookies from being installed with some settings in the browser as well. Anyways, by doing so, you won’t be able to enjoy the full functions of the website.

What is the login procedure?

Now, the login procedure varies from website to website; some require you to register a login while you can directly use the others as well. 

For e.g, you must create an account first in SimulChat to use the website.


What Kind of Privacy Policy do These Websites Follow?

The thing you must note regarding the privacy policies of these rabbit alternatives are, you can use them without entering personal information. Watch together; the website is launched in German. Hence its privacy policies depend on the German data protection statuses.

alternatives to rabbit

First of all, sites like rabbit make use of cookies to identify the same subscriber for the second time. It helps in improving the user experience of the website.

And for technical reasons, data from the internet browser is also collected like a version of the browser, operating system, referrer URL, date and time of your visit, IP address, and such. Apart from that, it also uses the Matomo web-analytics tool too.


What do People Think About this website? According to People’s Reviews and Internet Research?

Let’s see some of the reviews regarding the usage of sites like rabb.it: 

rabbit alternatives

The Bottom Line

However, these are the websites I found to be the best alternatives to rabbit for watching movies, group video calls, chatting functionalities in a private or public room. You can even stream games and share the gaming experience with friends in real-time.

Isn’t it amazing, do try these websites!



1. How was rabb.it allowed to stream anime?

There are a lot of anime streaming websites; particularly, they don’t have the license to stream those series. Even the website referred to stream through rabb.it is allowed.

2. How did the sites like rabb.it use third party components?

It is undeniable to use third-party sources as the sites like rabbit enjoys web content from multiple platforms put together.  It used components like Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.

3. What kind of information is required if the site had a login procedure?

It uses information like email, username, password, status, and an Avatar image to showcase your registration. It is collected for the purpose of the website and nothing else.

4. What kind of technical data does the website collect?

The server data that are collected, version of the browser used, operating system, date and time of visit, IP address, and referrer URL.

5. What can you watch through video streaming websites?

We can watch videos, live chat, group video calls, and create private rooms and sync the content with friends. Sometimes listening to music via SoundCloud and Twitch is also allowed.


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