QuarkChain integrates Chainlink to advance blockchain apps

QuarkChain is leveraging Chainlink’s leading oracle technology to create a better smart contract development experience for enterprises and developers. Blog dated 26 July covered the update.

QuarkChain informed that Chainlink had been developing blockchain oracles for many years. The sharding technology firm further added that Chainlink was notable for working with leading enterprise companies such as Google, Oracle and the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT).

Dr. Qi Zhou, QuarkChain founder, and CEO expressed – 

“Chainlink is a leader in the blockchain space and is working on real-world blockchain applications with technology giants such as Google. This has breakthrough significance for blockchain technology to enter the mainstream. We are honored to work with an excellent company such as Chainlink to expand the capabilities of QuarkChain’s smart contracts beyond on-chain transactions to touch more areas of users’ daily lives.”

QuarkChain delved into some technical aspects informing Oracles trigger smart contracts by connecting them with data. Such data also include entities from the outside world like off-chain data. QuarkChain suggested that when the conditions of a smart contract are met, oracles would execute the smart contract. The sharding technology firm indicated that many decentralized applications (dApps) on blockchains need smart contracts.

QuarkChain integrates Chainlink to advance blockchain apps

QuarkChain sustained by adding that by relying on the sharding and customizability, QuarkChain has realized high throughput and flexibility. QuarkChain noted that it offers customized solutions for large enterprises and need-based shards for small enterprises. The technology firm averred that by integrating Chainlink, developers on the QuarkChain network could successfully connect their dApps to external data.

In a development that fosters practical cryptocurrency usage, QuarkChain joined Binance’s charity to unveil a stablecoin for the alleviation of poverty. Binance Charity Foundation (BCF), the blockchain-enabled charity platform and official charitable arm of the global cryptocurrency exchange Binance, announced the alliance of 47 companies as partners to introduce ‘Pink Care Token’ (PCAT). QuarkChain first responded to Binance’s call and decided to participate in the project. 

QuarkChain concluded by sharing key information about its industry engagements and that of Chainlink. QuarkChain is a flexible, highly scalable and easy-to-use blockchain-based sharding technology. The firm noted that it was one of the first public chains that successfully implemented sharding technology. QuarkChain conveyed about Chainlink as a decentralized oracle network that enables smart contracts to securely access data feeds. QuarkChain upheld Chainlink’s reputation by noting it was consistently selected as one of the top blockchain technologies. Such recognition was offered by research firms such as Gartner.