Pundi X completes integration enabling crypto on traditional systems

Pundi X, a leading provider of blockchain-powered devices, conveyed that it has successfully completed integration support of XPOS module made by US-based Verifone. This development was on 12 July.

Pundi X introduced Verifone as one of the largest providers of traditional point-of-sale (POS) terminals in the world. Pundi X noted that through this integration a wider network of retailers would be able to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. The firm also added that shops and retail outlets using the Verifone X990 with XPOS module activated would now be able to process cryptocurrency payments in addition to traditional transactions.

Zac Cheah, Co-Founder, and CEO of Pundi X cited – 

“Our mission of making blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone has just taken a huge leap forward thanks to our partnership with Verifone. With our XPOS software in Verifone’s POS terminals, consumers will be able to experience safer and more seamless transactions using all major cryptocurrencies.”

Pundi X sustained by adding that the XPOS module enables the Verifone X990 to accept leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and a host of others as payment options. Customers could also easily top up or spend cryptocurrencies at any retailer with the Pundi X Verifone X990 installed. Yiannos Papadopoulos, Asia Pacific President, Verifone expressed enthusiasm to work with Pundi X in integrating the innovative technology.

Pundi X added to shops and retail outlets

Pundi X touched upon new technical details by adding that VeriFone X990 is VeriFone’s latest Android-based point of sale terminal. Pundi X indicated that with the XPOS module installed, the Verifone X990 would function just like the XPOS, as all of its features would be installed in the traditional terminals. The XPOS would automatically provide an exchange rate between fiat and cryptocurrencies during the transaction, making it seamless.

In April, there were reports about Pundi X announcing a partnership with DoshEx, the South African Digital Asset Exchange, to foster cryptocurrency adoption. The purpose of this partnership was to bring cryptocurrencies to retailers and local consumers. South Africa would be benefited with XPOS, the Pundi X blockchain-based point-of-sale (PoS) device. This offer would be deployed at selected regions across South Africa and co-branded with DoshEx.

Pundi X concluded by stating that the XPOS integration was an essential step to link the Pundi X payment with one of the most extensive payments networks. Pundi X expressed that Verifone consistently ranked among the top distributors and providers of POS solutions. Verifone has shipped over 30 million products, which range from POS systems to countertop and PIN pad devices, to more than 150 countries.