Power Ledger launches first trial of peer to peer technology

Energy trading firm, Power Ledger announced via a blog post on September 9 regarding its first trial of Blockchain-enabled, peer to peer technology outside a metropolitan area in Western Australia. 

The blog post commenced by stating that with the partnership of the firm with Innovations Central Midlands WA Inc, BSC Solar, Sonnen and CleanTech Energy, has enabled commercial buildings to trade excess solar power among themselves. This trade of excess power makes it the first of its kind. 

David Martin, MD, and co-founder of Power Ledger said – 

“The current energy system relies on large-scale power stations pushing energy to some consumers located hundreds of kilometers away. This requires an even further energy push when trying to reach regional areas such as Wongan Hills or Moora.” 

The blogpost also highlighted that the Power Ledger is launching its platform in the Shire of Wongan-Ballidu and another site in Shire of Moora. The blog also said the through the current tariff methods, and commercial sites are not receiviThe-trial-will-take-place-at-nine-commercial-sites-and-one-site-from-the-Shire-of-Moorang any financial compensation with their excess production of power. Through Power Ledger’s peer to peer platform, they will be able to monetize their power generation. 


The blog also stated that the P2P system would enable trading between shire offices, medical center, a swimming pool, sports center, local farmer, CRC/Visitor Centre, mulch company, bakery, and two agricultural machinery dealerships. The shire also says that they were looking for opportunities to bring value, and this trial proves to bring great value to the citizens and the economy. 

The blog post commenced by stating that Power Ledger has projects not only in Western Australia but also in several other countries such as Austria, Thailand, Japan, and the United States. The blogpost also outlined that the firm has been approached by other Western Australian regions to trail the technology in their respective areas. 

Power Ledger has announced on August 12 regarding its collaboration with Japanese utility, KEPCO. The two firms trailed a blockchain-backed P2P transaction for post- FIT surplus power in the city of Osaka. The trial proved that customers were now ready to become prosumers and were on board with the firm’s proposed P2P system.