Politician fosters MediConnect to fight spurious drugs

MediConnect, a developer of effective blockchain solution to manage prescription medication, announced that it has received support from the Ugandan government. This development was on 22 July.

Mediconnectuk commenced by informing that by meeting with the Ugandan President and Minister of Health lead to support for the blockchain solution. Mediconnectuk emphasized that the blockchain solution could be used to tackle the spread of counterfeit drugs in the country. Mediconnectuk further blogged that at the meetings, the government pledged its support for MediConnect’s solution. Uganda’s pharmaceutical sector would be benefited from this action.

Uebert Angel, a strategic partner of MediConnect, shared sentiment as – 

“Travelling to Uganda, I was shocked by the extent to which counterfeit drugs have ruined the lives of the most vulnerable people in society. It is therefore humbling to be able to make a difference by investing in the country’s pharmaceutical sector and partnering with MediConnect to identify fake drugs and prevent them from reaching end-users. In our meeting with President Musevini, he made clear his commitment to eliminating counterfeit drugs in Uganda and I am delighted that his government is interested in exploring the use of MediConnect as a national-level solution to achieve this goal.”

Mediconnectuk conveyed on the build-up of the development noting the meeting in Kampala where a delegation led by Uebert Angel, also an international church leader, and Dexter Blackstock, Chief Executive Officer of MediConnect, met with the President of Uganda, Yoweri Musevini, Minister of Health, Jane Aceng, and other top government officials. President Musevini tweeted about MediConnect’s investment interest in the tourism sector also.

Politician fosters MediConnect to fight spurious drugs

Mediconnectuk further added on brief logistics noting Uebert Angel was using his business and government connections to promote the use of MediConnect’s blockchain solution. The permanent record of prescription medication enables doctors and pharmacies to identify counterfeit drugs. This prevents their distribution in the supply chain.

Similarly, Mediconnectuk shared statistics about prescription drug abuse. The firm informed that MediConnect is the only blockchain solution intended to change the use of medication in the UK.

Mediconnectuk summarized by clarifying that according to the Ugandan National Drug Authority 10% of the drugs prescribed in Uganda have substandard or counterfeit copies. Research from the World Health Organization (WHO) revealed 1 in 10 medical products in developing countries is falsified. Mediconnectuk captured the grave concern expressing the WHO had urged governments to take action to protect vulnerable communities most affected by the practice.