PeerNova to participate in Blockchain Education Day

PeerNova, Inc. announced on 15 July that it would participate in the Chamber of Digital Commerce’s Congressional Blockchain Education Day.

PeerNova commenced by adding that the Chamber, the world’s first and largest pro-blockchain organization, would host its third Congressional Blockchain Education Day on Capitol Hill. PeerNova clarified that this year the Chamber of Digital Commerce expects more than 120 Chamber members to participate in the upcoming event. By meeting with several key personnel, the event would endeavor to highlight the full potential and significance of the blockchain.

Navid Jafari, PeerNova’s Director of Marketing and Communications expressed – 

“We are excited to participate in the Chamber’s Congressional Blockchain Education Day. We believe that policymakers can uniquely catalyze widespread adoption and acceptance of blockchain technology.  We are dedicated to playing our part in highlighting the value propositions of blockchain in financial markets and look forward to an engaging dialogue in Washington.”

PeerNova indicated that the featured speakers would include Congressional Blockchain Caucus co-chair Representatives Tom Emmer, Bill Foster, David Schweikert, and Darren Soto. Perianne Boring, Founder, and President, Chamber of Digital Commerce added that the Chamber was looking forward to hosting Congressional Blockchain Education Day. Perianne opined that the summit was rendered more effective with members dedicated to the growth of blockchain.

By meeting with several key personnel, the event would endeavor to highlight the full potential and significance of the blockchain.

Perianne sustained by adding that it was encouraging to have PeerNova working closely with them in this important initiative. PeerNova conveyed that the Chamber’s previous event featured more than 70 member companies who participated in meetings with more than 100 Congressional offices. This was in a bid to promote and educate policymakers on blockchain technology. PeerNova encouraged users to follow the events on social media.

In April, PeerNova blogged on new solutions for an old problem. Having discussed the challenges, PeerNova discussed solutions within the context of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). PeerNova expressed that DLT offered a more comprehensive solution for the enterprise and is scalable to multi-parties.

PeerNova summarized the discussion with a quick look at its key industry engagements. Founded by entrepreneurs with deep skills in blockchain, big data, and financial infrastructure, PeerNova endeavors to solve some of the most difficult challenges in the financial industry. PeerNova’s Cuneiform Platform enables financial institutions to eternally synchronize their data across multiple systems guaranteeing data or process integrity. The Cuneiform Platform simplifies sustainability, automates exception processing, and provides greater detailed operational visibility across workflows dynamically. PeerNova has sales offices in some major cities and is based in Silicon Valley.