Overstock Subsidiary tZERO announces the hiring of new management

Retail giant Overstock’s blockchain-based subsidiary, tZERO has appointed three new managers in order to strengthen its leadership team. The security token platform announced about the new hires in a press release dated July 17.

tZERO commenced the press release by naming the three new managers –  Brooke Navarro, Michael Mougias and Alexandra Sotiropoulos, all of whom have officially joined the management team since July 15. 

Commenting on the new appointees, tZERO CEO Saum Nourasalehi added – 

“Brooke will drive strategic development of our security token ecosystem by focusing on the supply-side of the equation — working with issuers to bring more quality assets to the PRO Securities ATS. Mike and Alex will spearhead our efforts to continue to develop strategic market positioning for tZERO and engage with current and prospective investors, analysts, media and other tZERO stakeholders.”

Brooke Navarro, who will assume the role as the Head of Issuance, has spent almost a decade as a managing director at Barclays. Furthermore, Navarro amasses years of experience working across firms in capital markets, financial advisory, and technology. 

tzero's newly hired management team will serve

According to the press release, Navarro will work together with regulator broker-dealer affiliates and partners to look for companies keen in raising funds through token offerings or tokenizing existing cap tables. At tZERO, Navarro will be in charge of examining strategic partnerships to bolster the adoption of tZERO’s technology. 

Meanwhile, tZERO’s newly appointed Head of Investor Relations, Michael Mougias held the same position while working at leading entertainment technology firm IMAX for six years. Mougias also served as a Senior Analyst at private capital markets firm Ipreo. 

The third new hiring, Alexandra Sotiropoulos, who previously worked as a PR Manager at marketing company Intermarket, will now be assuming the role at tZERO as the Head of Communication.

Earlier this month, tZERO collaborated with the movie producers of “Atari: Fistful of Quarters,” an upcoming gaming biopic. tZERO will be tokenizing the motion picture by developing a token called “Bushnell.” The token owners will purportedly receive shares of movie earnings, also an ability to vote on the movie’s trailer and have a say while selecting the movie’s cast.