Opera’s Crypto Wallet to delight Apple users

Julia Szyndzielorz, Senior Public Relations Manager with Opera, shared the development on 05 March that Opera Touch would be available on iOS for Web 3.

Julia emphatically stated that the Crypto Wallet and Dapp explorer has been successful in Opera for Android. The wider outreach to support iOS comes in response to popular demand from the Ethereum community. Julia clarified that many users had requested to support refined Web 3 browsing experience on iOS also.

Julia cited on the offering as –

“iOS users around the globe will soon gain access to a beautifully-designed, full-featured browser with an integrated native Crypto Wallet and Web 3 browsing functionalities.”

Julia extended an invitation to the general public to be a tester of Opera Touch with Crypto Wallet. To test the latest iOS browser, Julia shared a link where users can visit and sign up. As soon as the new browser is available to early testers, an exclusive intimation would be sent to the registered users.

Julia conveyed on the technicality that Opera Touch for iOS will have a combination of easy-to-use crypto wallet feature and support for Ethereum decentralized apps (Dapps).

Opera on its campaign to support crypto for iOS is aiming to foster mass adoption.

Julia highlighted the issues users face with the current setup on mobile devices. Users face a scarcity of novice-friendly solutions to leverage digital coins. Users are often compelled to install separate wallet apps that are without full-fledged browsers. Setting up such wallets is tedious and browsing experience with wallet apps is tiring.

Julia touched upon another hindrance preventing mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. The process of procuring cryptocurrencies is filled with difficulties. Julia expressed that this difficulty has been resolved in Scandinavia through cooperation with the online brokerage company Safello. Users in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark can top up their wallets in less than a minute.

Julia concluded in her blog by also touching upon the interface of Opera Touch. The innovative web browser has won the Red Dot Design Award for its user interface. 

Late last year Opera had unveiled the crypto wallet for Android. This development had come as an ongoing foresight of Opera to stay updated to cryptocurrency trends and spare the users from unnecessary problems.