Opera scales with TRON support to its crypto-wallet

TRON Foundation conveyed information that Opera browser would soon support TRON’s TRX and other TRC-standard tokens. This development was blogged on 15 May.

TRON informed that Opera is the first browser with Web 3 capabilities while its wallet already supports Ethereum tokens ETH and ERC. It was clarified that the decision to add another blockchain onto its platform, marks a significant step in Opera’s strategy. Opera has been striving to make Web 3 more inclusive and user-friendly to people around the world. The user interface does not require any third party browser extensions or wallet applications.

Krystian Kolondra, Executive Vice President at Opera, Head of Browsers cited –

“TRON is a popular, quickly developing blockchain with a swiftly growing dApp ecosystem. We are happy to open our browser to it. By opening products to multiple blockchains, we are accelerating the mainstream adoption of Web 3.”

TRON added that the integration of the TRON tokens would allow a multitude of Opera users to play TRON games and access TRON decentralized apps (dApps) within the browser. Late last year, Opera became the first Android browser to include a native crypto wallet and a Web 3 explorer. These novel features enable users to make transactions and interact with the blockchain-based internet of the future, known as Web 3.

Justin Sun, Chief Executive Officer of TRON expressed positively that Opera, a mainstream browser has extended support for TRX and other TRON tokens. Justin highlighted that soon Opera users would be able to use dApps on the TRON blockchain. Opera’s mobile capabilities have been extended to the PC browser. TRON clarified that the iOS version is currently in beta phase and would be released later this year.

In March, there were reports that Opera Touch would be available on iOS for Web 3. The outreach to support iOS comes in response to popular demand from the Ethereum community. Many users had requested to support refined Web 3 browsing experience on iOS. Recently, TRON Foundation announced its collaboration with Cred to offer lending and borrowing services to TRON infrastructure. The TRON community would be benefited and will foster the development of the TRON ecosystem.

TRON finally added on key industry engagements of itself and Opera. TRON was dedicated to creating an internet without frontiers that inspires innovation across industries. TRON is one of the largest blockchain protocols and offers versatile support for dApps. Opera delivers browsers and artificial intelligence-driven digital content to many users globally.