OPERA Launches ‘Web 3-Ready’ in its Android Browser

Web browser Opera is rolling out its ‘Web 3-Ready’ browser which has a built-in cryptocurrency wallet for Android which supports Ethereum and dApps interactions. The latest version of browser enables users to manage their digital identity, make transactions and interact with decentralized apps (dApps).

The company announced its Web 3-Ready launch at Hard Fork Decentralized event in London. Opera for Android supports crypto collectibles such as CryptoKitties, as well as ethereum-based decentralized apps, or dApps which can be accessed from the wallet.

Krystian Kolondra, Executive VP for Browsers at Opera, said – action is a bid to

“accelerate the transition of cryptocurrencies from speculation and investment to being used for actual transactions and payments in daily lives of our users’. ”

Opera’s Crypto-browser Plans and Actions

Opera announced in July’18 that it is launching a mobile crypto wallet as part of its beta Opera for Android. The firm later in September released ‘Labs’ beta version for Android with integrated wallet, Web 3.0 and dApp functionality.

The company is aiming to release a desktop version of its crypto-browser for Mac, Windows, and Linux, the official launch date is unclear yet, but a beta version is available. The updated Android version supports starters, exclusively for the Ethereum Network.

Beside providing wallet feature, Opera targets to make browser-friendly for users to browse dApps on Ethereum network. The company is hoping that it can stimulate growth in the decentralized application (dApp) market, which has strived to retain users in the past.

OPERA launches ‘Web 3-Ready’ browser for Android, to support Ethereum based Crypto-Wallet and dApps.

Charles Hamel, product lead of Opera Crypto, at Hard Fork Decentralized event said –

“We have decided to support Ethereum since it has the largest community of developers building dApps and has gathered a lot of momentum behind it.”

Opera’s integration with Blockchain

In October, Opera announced a venture with Ledger Capital a blockchain advisory and financial services firm to further explore blockchain technology. Both the companies said they were seeking new use cases and applications for blockchain, as well as ‘growth opportunities’ for the technology within Opera products.

The company is intending to continue building decentralized web, maybe to disrupt Google Chrome’s Grip on the market.

Joseph Lubin, the founder of ConsenSys, said “It is a significant step for Opera (one of the world’s leading browsers) to add an Ethereum-based (cryptocurrency) wallet and dApp explorer, and speaks to Opera’s innovative roots and commitment to embracing next-generation technology,”

Previously, Opera had indicated its awareness of cryptocurrency and the recent influx of crypto scams and had introduced anti-cryptojacking software into its web browsers.

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