Novel blockchain game delights basketball fans

National Basketball Association (NBA), National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) and Dapper Labs announced the development of NBA Top Shot, a new digital platform for basketball fans. This development was on 31 July.

Dapper Labs added that the new digital platform for basketball fans would allow collecting, trade, and own some of the greatest moments in league history. These facilities would be availed on the blockchain. The blockchain firm further added that NBA Top Shot would feature a social experience built around digital collectibles. In addition, a complementary head-to-head game designed to create an authentic fan engagement on blockchain was also featured.

Roham Gharegozlou, CEO of Dapper Labs expressed – 

“The NBA and its players are among the greatest heavyweights in global culture. Dapper Labs is proud to work with the NBA and NBPA to create an unparalleled digital experience for sports fans. Through NBA Top Shot basketball fans can engage with their favorite players, teams, and each other in entirely new ways. We use the latest in blockchain technology to create assets and experiences that are guaranteed limited edition and authentic, not to mention portable and permanent in a way nothing digital has ever been before.”

Dapper Labs conveyed a snippet on how the game operates. The blockchain firm clarified that just like other sports games, fans were required to create their ideal squad. However, the user’s profiles are built by acquiring live in-game moments from the NBA season. Dapper Labs summarized that by introducing innovative features, NBA Top Shot would offer an engaging experience that is suitable to basketball fans of all ages.

Dapper Labs would work with the NBA and NBPA to create an unparalleled digital experience for sports fans.

Adrienne O’Keeffe, NBA Senior Director, Consumer Products and Gaming Partnerships shared the sentiment that this innovation by Dapper Labs would make them a perfect partner to introduce the revolutionary game. Dapper Labs opined that through this development, the digital collectibles offered would be valuable. The blockchain firm highlighted that fans from around the world would find such collectibles much coveted.

Dapper Labs, also behind the blockchain game CryptoKitties, announced the launch of its new blockchain game Cheeze Wizards. Dapper Labs highlighted that in Cheeze Wizards, players can summon Wizards to fight in magical duels and compete to become the Big Cheeze. 

Josh Goodstadt, Executive VP of Licensing for THINK450, the commercial arm of the NBPA noted that NBA Top Shot was an entirely new way for fans to connect with their favorite athletes. He believed that blockchain technology created a truly unique product that patrons could leverage.