Novel blockchain Aion Virtual Machine (AVM) is live

The Aion Foundation announced on 05 June about heralding Aion Virtual Machine (AVM) which is the world’s first Java Virtual Machine (JVM) compliant blockchain virtual machine.

Aion conveyed that it had set out on the endeavor to build the AVM almost a year ago while substantiating the work as a team effort. The public blockchain firm also acknowledged the role of the community stating that part of the team was this entity. Aion noted the passionate contributions of the community, who had been supporting right through the crypto winter.

Aion Foundation emphatically quoted –

“We made the strategic decision to leave the JVM intact so we could fully leverage the mature eco-system around it. Leaning on a hardened language like Java was crucial since a major obstacle for a business interested in Blockchain is the cost and time needed to train their teams on unfamiliar frameworks, languages, and tools. The AVM removes those obstacles and provides developers with a familiar and reliable development experience.”

Aion expressed that it was waiting to see projects go live that are using AVM. The firm believed in bringing blockchain to the mainstream and AVM is the strategic offer to realize the vision. To elaborate on the internals, the AVM is not a modification of the underlying JVM. It is rather a supplementary software layer that can interact with the JVM. The developers can build decentralized applications and smart contracts above it.

Aion conveyed that it had set out on the endeavor to build the AVM almost a year ago while substantiating the work as a team effort.

Aion hoped that by employing a commonly used language like Java, it would overcome one of the key problems to widespread blockchain adoption – lack of awareness. Aion also provides blockchain education through Aion Learn and Aion University. A collection of engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs provide a catalog of developer tools as well as software development kits.

Recently, Aion Foundation reported that the initial Aion token swap from Ethereum based Aion ERC-20 to native Aion coins was completed late last year with over 97% of the tokens swapped. Community members who had missed the swap and had been waiting to complete the swap could avail the Aion Token Recovery Swap program which is now live.

Aion shared the address of respective portals for those interested in the Aion Research and Roadmap Team (ARRT) or the Unity project. The firm highlighted that if someone was interested in building a decentralized application (dApp) on the AVM, they could check out Aion Docs for free detailed tutorials and tools to get started.