Nordic enterprises to leverage blockchain

Enterprises in the Nordic countries are using SAP software for finance and supply chain management while adopting blockchain. This news emerged on 16 August.

The report was conveyed by Information Services Group (ISG), a leading global technology research and advisory firm. ISG further elaborated that Nordic enterprises were seeking SAP solutions as a way to achieve faster outreach for their products. The research firm sustained by adding that SAP providers were also using software bots and other automated tools to offer support or resolve incidents.

ISG provided insight on the offering citing – 

“The report also examines the SAP Leonardo market and finds many Nordic enterprises slow to adopt the software and microservices package that enables customers to leverage technologies like the Internet of Things, machine learning, blockchain, analytics and big data. Many providers are using SAP Leonardo to build proof-of-concept demonstrations to help address specific industry issues or empower enterprises with emerging technologies, the report says.”

ISG maintained the status of the blockchain informing that it was one of the growth areas for SAP software. ISG clarified that enterprises had launched a number of blockchain-based proofs-of-concept as the general interest grows. ISG highlighted that providers were witnessing a shortage of SAP talent in the Nordic region. The research firm summarized the solution to the staffing shortage through a number of initiatives.

Nordic enterprises to leverage blockchain

Barry Matthews, partner and head of ISG North Europe expressed his thoughts conveying that SAP technology has had a strong impact in changing the market. He clarified that the software allows users to efficiently simplify database structures. Barry finally expressed that such systems allow updates to the software while giving customers the ability to speed up innovation.

Principal Program Manager of Azure Blockchain Engineering, Marley Gray, said that it was joining the Hyperledger community for open-source blockchain technology projects. Microsoft joins a number of technology and finance organizations such as Citi, Baidu, IBM, Intel, J.P. Morgan, Salesforce, and SAP.

ISG, in a nutshell, provided its credentials. ISG is a trusted business partner to more than 700 clients while being committed to helping corporations, public sector organizations, and service or technology providers achieve operational excellence cum faster growth. The firm specializes in automation, digital transformation services, cloud and data analytics; sourcing advisory; managed governance and risk services.