Nestlé unveils open blockchain pilot project for food tracking

Major food and beverage company, Nestlé has announced a pilot program that will allow customers to track its products using the blockchain technology. Nestlé shared the press release on July 2.

As per the release shared, Nestlé has partnered with the blockchain platform, Open SC. The blockchain platform was developed by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Australia in collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures in January.

With this program, Nestlé asserts that it is “the first major food and beverage company to announce that it will pilot open blockchain technology in this way.” The Open SC platform purportedly allows customers access to independently verifiable sustainability and supply chain data. 

The initiative will initially let consumers trace milk from farms in New Zealand to its factories and warehouses located in the Middle East. Nestlé added that it also intends to have the technology tested using palm oils sourced in the Americas. The pilot project strives to determine the scalability of the system. 

Magdi Batato, Executive Vice President at Nestlé, said – 

“We want our consumers to make an informed decision on their choice of products – to choose products produced responsibly. Open blockchain technology might allow us to share reliable information with consumers in an accessible way.” 

In April 2019, Nestlé and French supermarket chain Carrefour partnered to use IBM’s Food Trust blockchain technology to track Mousline, a brand of mashed potatoes from Nestlé factories to the supermarket. Also in the same month, American Food and Drug Retail giant Albertsons Companies joined IBM’s Food Trust Network. The retail giant would utilise the network in tracking the supply chain process of romaine lettuce.