NEO and TECHFUND collaborate for blockchain adoption

NEO, a leading Blockchain platform, and TECHFUND Inc, a Japanese tech accelerator announced the partnership in its blockchain development tool “ACCEL BaaS”. This development was on 08 August.

TECHFUND commenced by informing that it had supported startups and more than 30 large company’s new business projects. The tech firm also noted that it had provided the blockchain accelerator program. TECHFUND emphasized that companies adopted in this program had the opportunity to obtain technical support from NEO. TECHFUND further added that it had released NEO features in ACCEL BaaS.

As an instance, TECHFUND cited on the integration as – 

“ACCEL BaaS starts to support NEO. This leads to smooth implementation of NEO into various applications without technical knowledge or environment for NEO. Especially, its “Contract Template” and “Contract Marketplace” are notable in that TECHFUND provides NEO contracts as templates for blockchain use cases and people can use them with customization using GUI.”

TECHFUND further added that NEO provides the fee (GAS) required to use NEO. The tech accelerator firm highlighted that previously developers could take time to get a fee. TECHFUND clarified that such a latency had been overcome and hence users could expect the speed of development to increase.

TECHFUND maintained that through this partnership, it could provide a more advanced option to enable implementing blockchain functions into applications. The distinguishing factor was that any ordinary web engineer would facilitate even without enough blockchain knowledge. TECHFUND opined that this would result in accelerating PoC and produce more use cases of NEO Blockchain.

TECHFUND reported about a comprehensive support accelerator program that gathers domestic and overseas startups to support business design to development. The program is applicable to startups in Japan and overseas that are considering ICO / IEO / STO overseas. 

TECHFUND threw light on ACCEL BaaS (Blockchain as a Service). The tech firm added that it was a cloud service for easy development of blockchain applications. Applications could be developed by calling its application programming interfaces (APIs) from any programming language without blockchain awareness. TECHFUND noted that considering common blockchain use cases, the service prepares a smart contract template.