Nano poised to deploy the power of virtual currencies

Andy Johnson, Social Media Coordinator and Community Engagement at the Nano Foundation discussed in his blog on 02 March about Nano’s evolution cum roadmap.

Andy introduced the ongoings by stating that Nano has kept pace with the changing trends of money and payment. While noting that Nano provides an efficient platform for transactions, Andy also conveyed that Nano is well suited to be integrated into existing reputed services.

Andy captured the spirit of Nano cryptocurrency as being committed to delivering a truly scalable experience. Nano founder Colin LeMahieu has worked on the action item to develop the most streamlined decentralized transfer of funds possible. While undergoing extensive improvement since its inception in 2015, Nano has been well accepted by the community.

Andy cited on the caliber of Nano as –

“The lightweight protocol allows integrations to bring true microtransaction capabilities onto the world’s favorite applications. Nano’s ability to be embedded on many different levels across varying social media and communication platforms, products, and games, shows the very first glimpse of the real utility of a pure cryptocurrency.”

Andy subsequently switched to headline the services that are leveraging Nano in their own unique ways. Andy informed that although this revelation of services is only a snippet, it offers a broad view of the power of peer-to-peer services.


Andy shared information on how Twitter is benefited through the Nano Tip Bot, that is allowing users to easily send and receive Nano tips on the platform. The Reddit Nano Tipbot is another service which allows any user to tip using Nano.

Likewise, Twitch and Discord are two more platforms that have been benefited through the ability to tip. Andy made a special mention to the service of Nano Gaming, resulting in games having light wallets and Nano reward structures.

Andy emphasized the ease of integrating Nano microtransactions into services thereby spawning many innovative projects. Andy maintained that Nano is committed to being a simple and efficient cryptocurrency while appreciating the endeavor of developers to solve real-world problems using Nano.

Andy concluded by thanking the developers across the globe. He did not forget to mention that it was a matter of pride to share the journey with talented personnel.