MyVerte Marketplace dawns on the blockchain

Project Verte announced the beta rollout of its brand-first marketplace MyVerte. The MyVerte marketplace is built on the blockchain, launching with over 100 brands. This development was on 08 July.

Project Verte introduced itself as a comprehensive e-commerce solution for Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands. The MyVerte marketplace would announce an incentive featuring new brands weekly starting with Stryx, Foreo, Temporary Forevers, Les Belles Heures, Birthstone Scents, Ujjayi, Unbound, and La Luna Rose. Project Verte conveyed that it was founded with a mission to help brands remain in full control of their brand identity.

Julian Kahlon, CEO of Project Verte cited – 

“It became clear that current marketplaces we’re designed around the branding of the marketplace, not of the brands themselves. Existing marketplace’s messaging constantly overshadow its participating brand’s messaging, perception, equity and overall identity. Our goal in founding Project Verte was to give D2C brands the ability to reclaim control, and get the optimization and insights that they need to grow their businesses, increase their bottom line, while at the same time staying true to their core values.”

Project Verte conveyed that it had raised 50 million U.S. dollars in seed funding late last year. The e-commerce firm further added that by using blockchain, Project Verte endeavors to deliver on its mission. Project Verte indicated that by using its full circle solution which features an easy-to-use seller portal, brands were empowered to maintain full control without the need of multiple third parties. Project Verte also emphasized access to business intelligence.

Project Verte added that by using blockchain, it endeavors to deliver on its mission.

Project Verte sustained by adding that MyVerte was connected with Project Verte’s advanced fulfillment and technology. The e-commerce firm clarified that the novel solution processes orders at unmatched speeds. The time required for processing from the dock to stock is no longer than 2 hours. Project Verte further added using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to predict salient action items.

In January, the global supply chain operator, GEODIS, launched an initiative with Project Verte to empower small-and-medium-sized brands with e-commerce and fulfillment capabilities. GEODIS conveyed that by using goods-to-man robotics, blockchain technology, and advanced fulfillment capabilities, the collaboration provides scalability for businesses while improving the consumer experience.

Project Verte wrapped up by informing that with the funding announcement late last year, it had announced strategic relationships with automation technology companies, Geodis and GreyOrange. The e-commerce firm suggested that since then, the company has continued to grow and attract leaders in the space. Project Verte is also growing its network of fulfillment centers with planned facilities in two US cities, and other major cities nationally.