MEDSiS Maxwell stablecoin to power a financial system

World Token Issuing Alliance (WTIA) and MEDSiS International, announced a deeper agreement and the support of the MEDSiS held contract in Argentina. This development was reported on 06 August.

MEDSiS maintained that with its expertise in the Latin American region, the partnership with WTIA would launch the program. MEDSiS further added that the collaboration would bring the MEDSiS “Maxwell” Stablecoin to market with the support of the local government and bodies. MEDSiS noted that the Argentinian Trade Union, SUPOFEPRA, is the first program of its kind in Latin America which would allow a stablecoin to support the financial inclusion.

Joshua Dax Cabrera, CEO of MEDSiS cited – 

“Maxwell is key to the SUPOFEPRA project. It will help stabilize the unbanked and add jobs and opportunities to new populations like never before.”

MEDSiS continued to report that after identifying, registering, and banking the members of SUPOFEPRA, the stablecoin would allow members to make or receive payments. The other benefit would be to store wealth in a stable system that eliminates fluctuations of the local fiat market. MEDSiS would also be implementing the WTIA “Bunker”, a secure location to be able to deploy workers and technology into hard to reach places or areas.

the partnership will bring the maxwell stablecoin to market with the support of the local government

MEDSiS summarized that with the partnership, WTIA and MEDSiS would also be creating hundreds of jobs in the Argentinian/Latin American market. Jobs would also be created using MEDSiS existing contracts in places like Brazil, Chile, Peru, and several other countries. MEDSiS emphasized that this large-scale job creation along with the issuance of Maxwell would foster opportunities and set a new standard in stablecoin adaptation.

In July, MEDSiS International announced a new partnership with WTIA. This partnership was responsible for identifying, registering, and banking more than 6.8 million individuals that belong to SUPOFEPRA throughout Argentina.

MEDSiS dwelt briefly on its key industry assignments. MEDSiS is an identity management and big data company that helps countries be aware of their people. MEDSiS brings innovative and simple solutions while building the confidence of leadership to secure the individual’s identity. MEDSiS highlighted that it was the first private company to have a government blockchain contract.