MEDSiS heralds Maxwell stablecoin in the US

MEDSiS International announced a new strategic partnership that would bring their Maxwell stablecoin into the US and European markets. This news emerged on 22 August.

MEDSiS started by informing that the new partnership was with Ternio, a US-based blockchain, and payments company. The tech firm further added that the agreement between MEDSiS and Ternio would allow customers to download MEDSiS’ mobile wallet. MEDSiS sustained by adding that users could register for either a virtual or physical payment card within the continental US. 

Joshua Dax Cabrera, CEO of MEDSiS commented – 

“Though we’ve been focused on Argentina and Brazil, our goal was always to have a partnership with the US and launch with the dollar.  Ternio is the partner we’ve been searching for. This is only Phase 1. We always knew that we had to triangulate and add three currencies, but we already have several more in negotiations, opening up Africa and the Middle East in the next few months.”

MEDSiS maintained that by achieving KYC (know your customer) compliance, customers in all emerging markets would be able to use blockchain to store values either in other currencies or in the Maxwell Stablecoin. The firm noted that this would give unbounded possibilities to more than 25 million customers. Such consumers were currently scheduled to be on-boarded over the coming period.


MEDSiS opined that Ternio’s involvement was vital in its plans. The tech firm expressed that Ternio’s experience had allowed them to spend cryptocurrencies direct into any merchant transaction. MEDSiS clarified that Maxwell would be the latest currency available for the same benefit. Beginning with Maxwell, customers would be able to link their wallet and spend it as they would spend any other currency. 

World Token Issuing Alliance (WTIA) and MEDSiS International, announced an agreement plus the support of the MEDSiS held commitment in Argentina. MEDSiS maintained that with its expertise in the Latin American region, the partnership with WTIA would launch the program. MEDSiS further added that the collaboration would bring the MEDSiS “Maxwell” Stablecoin to market with the support of the local government and bodies.

MEDSiS concluded by adding that the partnership with Ternio marks the close of the first phase. The firm clarified that this was also an upcoming move into European Economic Area countries. MEDSiS noted that as it begins the second phase, it would bring to notice their contracts in the western hemisphere. MEDSiS stated that with Maxwell and its mobile wallet, this marked the beginning of redefining the banking world.