Dannie Chu, CEO, and Co-Founder of MakersPlace shared an announcement on 25 April about receiving 2 million U.S. dollars as seed financing from reputed investors.

Dannie began by recollecting the launch of MakersPlace last year and the eventual offer of a blockchain platform for digital creators. Dannie emphasized that the team had been working hard on their commitment to creating a bright future for digital creativity. He touched upon why the support for digital media is crucial by noting that many people are now online. Digital creators were struggling to make money for their work, which is often quoted a less value.

Dannie in a bid to reassure digital artists cited –

“At MakersPlace we’re solving this by empowering the world’s digital creators with the necessary tools to better protect and ultimately capture the full value of their digital work. We’re excited to say that we’ve been able to help thousands of digital creators to date — and we’re only getting started!”

Dannie expressed the funding to be a significant milestone for the company and its vision. He clarified that the investors were equally sincere about the company’s ambitious goals. The funding was spearheaded by Uncork Capital with participation from Draper Dragon Fund and Abstract Ventures. Several other high-profile investors also contributed, including veteran leaders like Pinterest, Facebook, and Coinbase.

Dannie highlighted that the investors bring years of experience launching, building and supporting novel platforms. Their outreach extended to both the consumer and the blockchain ecosystem. Dannie expressed much enthusiasm to receive support and validation of the team towards realizing their ideas. He sustained by adding that along with the fundraiser, a new public marketplace would be launched to discover and collect unique digital creations.

artists would not be left far behind in the blockchain revolution. digital creations stand benefited from decentralized innovations.

Dannie indicated that the marketplace would house content from the world’s leading artists and creators. Users can collect, share and invest in numerous digital creations. Such collectibles include digital illustrations, animations, photography and more. Dannie finally concluded by stating that MakerPlace’s team was founded by world-class engineering leaders and successful entrepreneurs. He extended an invitation to the public to join the team via opportunities.

Similarly, Cryptartica, the UK-based design platform, announced that it had started accepting both Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin SV (BSV). Cryptartica acknowledged that it had accepted BCH since its inauguration, but has decided on the requirement to support BSV. This comes as a recognition of the importance of the BSV community. Cryptartica conveyed the idea about how it would facilitate to accept both the digital coins.