Marc Deveaux, Chief Information Officer at Mainbloq provided information on 01 April about the company’s offer of crypto trading algorithms.

Mainbloq is a research, data, and technology company focusing on digital assets. Mainbloq offers a modular platform including a smart order router and a host of trading algorithms. It also allows the clients to integrate their own algorithms while also facilitating consulting services to serve clients better. Mainbloq is on an endeavour to build the best platform for research and trading of digital assets.

Marc commenced by conveying that the suite of trading algorithms would help traders execute their trades better. The algorithms can either be used via Mainbloq order management system or through other relevant channels.

Peter Bordes, Chief Executive Officer of Mainbloq cited –

“We believe in modularity. Our mission is to bring the sophistication of the street to digital assets and to us, that means creating the best tools in the world and putting them in the hands of traders, wherever they trade.”

Marc added that each algorithm is unique. He continued that this was the rationale behind teaming up veterans who were skilled in designing algorithms. Marc emphasized that apart from the traditional set of algorithms, designers had created custom algorithms that were totally novel.


Mainbloq’s versatile set of algorithms currently numbers eight but is poised to increase. These algorithms are so planned that clients are not restricted to a few use cases. Customers are benefited from tailor-made algorithms that help them execute their individual trading strategies.

Marc captured the essence of each of the eight algorithms. The BASKET executes multiple trades. The Time Weighted Average Price (TWAP) executes trades evenly. The Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) executes based on trading volume. The THOR executes one order across multiple venues.

Marc sustained by noting that the ICEBERG algorithm executes orders in a random slice. The Pair Trades executes two trades of individual coins. The Information Weight Average Price (IWAP) trades in fixed windows and finally, the Implementation Shortfall Reducer (ISR) reduces slippage and balances market impact.

In February, Mainbloq launched streaming smart order router for the trading of cryptocurrencies. The router provides direct market access via streaming connections to exchanges and enables fast execution. It executes cross-exchange trades for the best price.

Peter also expressed that with the launch of their set of algorithms, they are a step ahead in their vision for “a best-in-class cloud-based modular platform”. Such a platform would join data, tools, research, and insights for digital assets. Peter concluded by stating that cryptocurrencies are building on sophistication.