Best Losmovies Alternatives as per the Recent Research in 2020

Do you love to watch movies? Do you want to watch movies every day without going to a movie theatre (and spending lots of money)? Do you want to watch movies online for free every day? If so, you should download the Losmovies app or visit Los Movies website. 

Before that, is the Losmovies website or app safe to use or does it contain any malicious code? Are the movies in Losmovies pirated movies? Are the movies in Losmovies HD movies with subtitles? Kindly read on to find out. 

What is Losmovies? How does it work?

Losmovies is a movie streaming website that enables people to watch HD movies online, including the latest releases. People can also watch popular TV serials on this website for free. Losmovies does not employ a paid membership model where people have to pay a certain amount to watch movies online for a certain duration. 

los movies

To watch movies on Los Movies website, you have to:

  • Visit Los Movies website.
  • Search for and select your desired movie.
  • A list of websites that stream the movie will be displayed once you click on your desired movie.  
  • Select any streaming link and click on the play button to watch your desired movie.   


Does it have all kinds of movies to watch? Is it free?

Losmovies has movies in every genre for every type of person. Its movie database is really huge, so people are spoilt for choice there. Los Movies website is updated every hour. So people can watch new releases every day.  

The primary features of Losmovies are:

  • It’s a movie streaming website that’s absolutely free. It does not employ a paid membership model. People can watch HD movies and serials at Los Movies website absolutely free of charge. 
  • It has a huge database of movies, so people are spoilt for choice.
  • People can select the country they belong to (native movies) and the language in which they want to watch the movies. Some movies are available only in some languages. 
  • Porn movies (A-rated movies) are not streamed on Los Movies website. They are strictly banned. Hence, Losmovies is safe for children. 
  • Los Movies website and mobile app have a highly user-friendly interface. Even a child who knows how to read can operate it.   


Top 7 best alternatives for Losmovies in 2020?

In any domain, once a person provides a new type of service or product, competition quickly follows. It is so with Losmovies also. Losmovies has quite a few competitors who give it a run for its money. They are:

all movies

1. Putlocker

Putlocker is also an HD movie streaming website that’s absolutely free. It’s quite popular and is renowned for its massive database of movies. One can spend hours scrolling through the list of movies it has, ready for streaming. 

Putlocker does not enable its users to download the movies that it streams. It only connects to the movie’s server/host and streams it from there. In other words, it acts as an interface between movie servers and users. 

Watching movies via a movie streaming interface is far safer than downloading and watching movies as the risk of incurring a computer virus or malware is high. Putlocker has a simple interface and a robust search engine. It can find your desired movie or serial in no time.


2. Rainieland

Is watching movies your favourite pastime? Are you tired of spending money every month on Netflix? Then Rainieland should be your favourite go-to place. 


The best thing about Rainieland is that it’s all free. It possesses a large library for highlighting all kinds of movies. Rainieand always prefers the demands of the audience.

If you request for a movie here that you aren’t finding anywhere, there are high chances that Rainieland will upload the movie for you. A big bunch of Bollywood, Hollywood, web series south dubbed movies are available here.


3. 123Movies

This movie-streaming website is highly popular. It has around 98 million visitors every month. It has a vast database of movies and tv serials from which its users can choose. New movies and episodes of tv serials are updated on 123Movies’s website every day. 

Like Putlocker, 123Movies does not allow its users to download any movies. They can only watch it online on 123Movies’s website. Like Putlocker, 123Movies also acts as a movie streaming interface. 

By visiting 123Movies’s website, people can watch movies and tv serials streamed on paid movie streaming websites like Amazon, Netflix, and Hallmark. It’s quite convenient, isn’t it? Recently, 123Movies also developed its mobile app for Roku and Kodu device users. 

4. Fmovies:

It is one of the best online movie streaming platforms.  The best thing about watching your favourite TV shows and movies on Fmovies is, no advertisements will be there to annoy you.  This online streaming site never allows any popup.

los movies

They have a cool collection of all kinds of movies such as comedy, romantic, sci-fi and horror niches.  Fmovies is hugely popular across the globe for tagging Video thumbnails like CAM, HD RIP, HD CAM, HD 720.


5. GoMovies

GoMovies is a highly popular and vast online movie-streaming website. GoMovies has a vast collection of classical and modern movies. So its users are spoilt for choice. The only con of Go Movies is that its users have to put up with a lot of ads while watching movies online. 

GoMovies has an easy-to-use interface that enables its users to search for their favorite movies or tv serials without any hassle. People can look for their favorite movies based on their categories. This facility makes searching for movies on GoMovies’s website, a breeze. 

6. SubsMovies

Like GoMovies, SubsMovies also has a vast collection of classical and modern movies. So its users have a lot to choose from. Its user interface is also quite user-friendly. So people can browse for movies or shows with ease. The only drawback of SubsMovies is that its users will come across a lot of video ads while watching movies on SubsMovies.


7. Einthusan

This is a South-Asia based movie-streaming website with 4,000 licensed movies in its database. It is widely used by the people of India. People can watch Indian movies in 9 different Indian languages on this website.

Tamil movies, Hindi Movies, and Telugu movies are the most widely watched movie types on Einthusan. Einthusan’s user interface is very simple to use and its movie search engine is quite fast and accurate. So that makes searching for your favorite movies on Einthusan hassle-free.


8. Popcornflix

Here comes another overrated online streaming site that needs no registration. You can watch here all older to newer movies that you always wanted to watch. Popcornflix is ready to entertain you with all preferable movie genres like thriller, comedy, horror, sci-fi, romance, family, western and many more.

los movies

This OTT platform has a huge collection of movies. Moreover, they keep uploading new movies every now and then. So, Popcornflix never leaves a room for boredom.  

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From where can I download these types of apps? Can I download the movie directly to my device? 

Apps like Losmovies can be downloaded via the Play Store on Android and iOS devices. If you want to download a movie from any of the above-mentioned movie-streaming websites, you can do it via any of the following methods. They are:

all movies


Download Los Movies videos online

  • Go to Los Movies website.
  • Search for and select a movie that you like.
  • Copy the movie’s URL.
  • Then go to DoVideo’s website. It’s an online video downloading platform.
  • Paste the movie URL in the address bar of the website and then click on the ‘Download’ button. 

Download Los Movies videos with iTube HD Video Downloader

  • Go to Los Movies website.
  • Search for and select a movie that you like.
  • Copy the movie’s URL.
  • If you have an iTube video downloader, open it and click on the ‘Paste URL’ button.
  • The software will automatically detect the movie’s URL.
  • Then, click on the ‘Download’ button. 
  • When you do so, the software will ask you what resolution you want for the movie.
  • If you choose a higher resolution, your movie will take a long time to download and it will occupy more hard disk space but it’ll be worth the wait. 

Download Los Movies videos with iTube HD Video Downloader Extension

  • Open iTube video downloader.
  • Go to Settings -> Preferences -> Extension and then install the iTube Video Downloader extension.
  • Then you’ll see a ‘Download’ button at the bottom of iTube video downloader software.
  • Click on the Download button. iTube will automatically detect the movie’s URL and download it.


Is it safe to use these kinds of apps to watch movies?


Losmovies is quite a safe website. It does not host porn movies on its website but it does have a couple of major drawbacks which make it only an average website to watch streamed movies. They are:

  • Losmovies does not have a privacy policy and that raises serious concerns on whether the streamed movies that people watch over Los Movies website are private or not.
  • Los Movies website does not have a child safety feature. Even though it does not host porn movies, this is a major concern. 
  • Los Movies Google browsing status is only ‘OK’, not the highest status of ‘Safe’. 


What are the pros and cons of Losmovies alternatives?

Watching streamed movies over movie streaming websites like Losmovies has many pros and only a few cons. They are:

los movies


  • You do not have to stand in a long queue at a box office to buy movie tickets. 
  • One also does not need to pay to watch movies online. Losmovies streams movies for free.
  • Losmovies offers a wide array of movies to choose from via its large movies database. 
  • As movies are streamed and watched online, they do not occupy any disk space. 
  • As streamed movies are watched via a movie streaming interface and not downloaded and watched, they keep one’s PC safe from viruses and malware. 


  • Losmovies does not have a privacy policy which raises serious concerns about the privacy of the movies one is watching over Losmovies.
  • You need to have a strong antivirus and a strong anti-malware to watch movies via Losmovies. Otherwise, your PC may get hacked and damaged. 
  • One needs to have a stable and fast internet connection to watch movies via Losmovies. 



Movie streaming websites like Losmovies are definitely convenient and cost-effective for the masses but one should exercise caution. One should only watch streamed movies via a secure internet connection. 

Otherwise, one’s PC could get hacked and damaged. One can also have a video and text ad blocker to block pop up ads while one is watching a streaming movie.



Is Losmovies a legitimate website?

Yes, it’s a legitimate and registered website but its lack of a privacy policy has brought its ratings down a notch. 

Do users face any disturbances while viewing movies on Losmovies?

Yes, viewers occasionally come across pop up ads while viewing movies on Losmovies. 

How many people visit Losmovies’s website monthly?

Losmovies has 171,000 visitors every month.

In the movie streaming business, what is Losmovies’s market share?

In the movie streaming business, Losmovies’s market share is 46.48% presently.


Have you ever watched movies over Losmovies before? If so, what was your experience? Kindly let us know in the comments section below!


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