Lite version OceanEx GO! Launched

OceanEx, one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchanges, announced the official launch of its selective token listing platform OceanEx GO! This news surfaced on 07 August.

OceanEx conveyed that as an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) platform, OceanEx GO! aimed to discover high-grade blockchain projects across the globe. The crypto exchange further added that the lite version would bridge them with global users, investors, and resources throughout the OceanEx ecosystem. OceanEx added that OceanEx GO! also seeks to provide analysis to digital asset investors and traders searching for new investment opportunities.

Xiaoning Nan, Founder, and CEO of OceanEx cited – 

“Indeed, the industry and the market is seeing numerous popular blockchain projects strongly consented by the blockchain and crypto community. However, we look forward to exploring and discovering new projects with top-notch technology but yet to be more widely recognized by the community. We firmly believe with OceanEx’s professional transaction structure and exceptional strategic assistance, more and more low-profile but high-quality projects will be brought to the attention of crypto community members by OceanEx GO!”

OceanEx maintained that while selecting through potential blockchain project partners, the OceanEx team applied a stringent standard with many factors. These included aspects like the maturity of the project, existing groundwork, dynamics of the community, as well as the background of the founding team. OceanEx expressed that it strives to work with the projects and partners that would create true value.

OceanEx GO! aims to discover high-grade blockchain projects across the globe

OceanEx clarified that founded by Xiaoning Nan, OceanEx is an artificial intelligence-powered, digital asset trading platform with a global user base. OceanEx added on its prowess informing that it was equipped with robust security technology and deploys advanced machine learning algorithms to actively detect attacks. OceanEx added that it offers professional services and seamless user experience to digital asset investors.

OceanEx announced that it had raised millions of dollars in Series A funding. Led by Fenbushi Capital, there was participation from several other investors. While constantly improving its institutional service, OceanEx was sparing no efforts in delivering innovation into financial products.

OceanEx concluded by adding that in order to reward the supporters of OceanEx and the VeChain ecosystem, it was also adding a binding feature to connect the nodes. This would facilitate both OceanEx and OceanEx GO! account as an exclusive benefit for users.